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A group of hippos is called a blocked a blow to of hippos fiction. I'm playing properly today because you find me. Vanderbilt I'm guessing someone was bloated today any made about okay. well I'm gonna say it's a fact Dave. what you are you listening. listening to I'm sorry it was listed at Nagy okay a group of hippos is called a blowout factor fiction that is if that is fiction okay. I'm going fact. that is a fact it. Stephen Steve get it done listen I thought this was just a stereo type because you know they have bows are look like they're bloated so I thought that's where that came maybe should drop all the stereotypes you have in your head they're just phoned actually it's as big bonuses what fits right Steve such a pretty have a we are of a bonus will give me one more okay let's see. the linked in the bottom of your pocket has a name not as and it is called. good near. and you are our GNU are that's a stupid that's gonna affect word I. that this that thing whatever had that object has the name no it excellent in your belly button I think that one has a name. Craxi factor fiction I'm gonna go with fiction on this one okay mereka I'm going with fiction. I'm going..

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