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Best if not one of the two best quarterbacks in the league get the guy some weapons. Absolutely. But they had so many injuries last year as well. And they've done a terrible job drafting until last year when they went to a new GM and Brian Gouda kuntsler. They everybody believes the class of eighteen for them was very very good draft. We'll see how that plays out. But they had a whole entire draft in two thousand fifteen that not one guy was on the roster not one. So we'll see how the Packers react to the bears young youthful approach. They're really good team. All right here, we go. Matt Nagy right now. We'll get to it the second. He is getting ready to speak down in Indianapolis. So as soon as he starts talking he's standing there. We will get it for you. And you can hear what the head coach has to say Ryan pace saying I'm gonna do whatever I have to do to get him the kicker that he wants and that Matt is putting a big premium on leg strength. You feels that is the most important quality other than obviously being able to shrug off struggles. But understanding with kicking at Soldier Field is about he believes starts with having the leg strength to cut through the wind coming off the lake. Cody parkey that was not him. He was known for his accuracy, he was not known for his leg strength. So I don't know if Matt Bryant makes sense at age, forty whatever it's got a big leg. I just don't see them getting Stephen cow ski. I don't see him leaving New England. I don't know why he would leave New England. So I would be very surprised if he was a guy that they ended up putting in their on their roster at five five and a half million..

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