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Hello beautiful new venues rendering is looking forward to it they've done a great job with cover there's you know he also announced upcoming political rallies in Florida Arizona and North Carolina all of which are battleground states that could be decisive in the November election Greg Clugston Washington president trump says the country is on the path to strong economic rebound from code nineteen were really doing a financial come back the jobs numbers were fantastic that will have some of the jobs numbers come up over the next few weeks and we'll see how that goes but I think it's really good and we're on our way to a very big comeback president spoke at a White House meeting with half a dozen African American supporters the house Judiciary Committee held a hearing on racial profiling and police brutality in the wake of the death of George Floyd while in police custody house Judiciary Committee wants to examine police brutality in Congress's role in preventing it chairman and Democrat Jerrold Nadler of New York began hearing in praise of law enforcement we must always remember that most law enforcement officers do their jobs with dignity selfless and Donna and their deserving of our respect and gratitude for all they do to keep us safe Ohio Republican congressman Jim Jordan says he's concerned that Democrats support the idea of the funding police departments they know it is pure insanity to defund the police and the fact that my Democrat colleagues won't speak out against this crazy policy is just that frightening Bernie Bennett in Washington a decades long pushed let California's public universities and government agencies consider race when making admissions and hiring decisions passed its first test Wednesday as more than two thirds of the state assembly voted to put the question on the November.

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