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Dead after a shooting at an apartment complex in a Milwaukee suburb Brown deer police chief Peter nimmer It appears that it started as a domestic dispute between two people which led to the incident At this time the scene is safe There's no other suspects that we are looking for Officers responded to a call of shots fired at the apartment Saturday morning chief number says the 26 year old shooter lived at the complex he added two people were shot dead besides the shooter who apparently took his own life And a new bill in Congress would set up a federal alert system in active shooter situations more than 330 active shooter incidents claimed the lives of more than 2800 people between 2002 1019 It's based on the amber alert program and will allow authorities to quickly notify people of critical information during a shooting I'm Jim Forbes Now those Bloomberg sports aren't they They both had disappointing seasons but for one night they had the national television spotlight that ex visiting the Lakers in LA they blew a double digit third quarter lead when they were outscored 31 13 went to overtime and eventually lost to the Lakers one 22 to one 15 RJ Barrett's three pointer with 8 seconds left tied the game He had a career high 36 32 for Julius Randle At the NHL All-Star Game in Vegas the metropolitan division ended up winning the three on three tournament style format Jack used the Devils with three goals and an assist One goal for the rangers Chris kreider Once he's done competing in Beijing U.S. snowboarder Sean white says that'll be it for him as far as competing is concerned He's been dealing with a number of injury issues to his ankles knees and back that have helped him make this call You know I broke down a little guy very emotional and called Friends and family manager people and kind of told them where I was at and they were all agreed and said hey beautiful run and let's see this through and see what's next The 35 year old is a three time gold medalist in the halfpipe that competition is coming up this week The first medal of the games for the U.S. came in women's snowboard slope style Julia Moreno the Connecticut native won silver The U.S. women's hockey team now two O after beating the Russian Olympic Committee 5 Nothing up next it's Switzerland later today College troops has stutter from Rutgers who ran at Michigan state in piscataway 84 63 St. John's over butler 75 72 Villanova got by Yukon 85 74 Commissioner Roger Goodell is called the NFL's hiring results unacceptable as far as diversity is concerned Goodell sending a memo to all 32 teams his first comments since former dolphins coach Brian Flores filed a lawsuit against the league With a Bloomberg sports update I'm Frank charity I'm Barry revolt you're listening to masters and business on Bloomberg radio My extra special guest this week is rip out to Patterson She is the director of investment research at Bridgewater associates the world's largest hedge fund previously she was chief investment officer at bessemer trust where she oversaw more than $85 billion in client assets So listening to you discuss inflation I think you approached it in a way very different from what I've been hearing other people talk about You said quote demand shock is what's driving inflation Explain demand shock Sure So when we look at where we are today with inflation in the United States it's very easy to quickly go back to the late 1960s early 1970s and say okay high and rising inflation high gas prices that said that's behind the curve yeah okay There are similarities that are worth noting but back then what was driving the high inflation were supply shortages That was the key ingredient Today obviously there's things on both side of the demand supply equation But the bigger deal is the surge in demand which is just overwhelming the supplies So let me give you a number here to make this feel more real If you look at the supply of goods for U.S. consumers it comes from around the world So produced everywhere in the U.S. and China outside et cetera It's running about 5% above where it was before the pandemic So the supply of goods has increased on that But then look at the demand side the demand from U.S. consumers today is about 20% higher than the end of 2019 And you see similar patterns across a lot of things whether we're talking about investor or metals where supplies today are high but the demand is much higher that's pushing that inventory ships We have more ships on the ocean today than we did pre-pandemic but it's just not enough Labor markets we've got no shortage of jobs today We just have such high demand for jobs And so yes there are supply constraints here and there I'm not saying there aren't I'm just saying the bigger deal this time and what makes this so different from the 1970s is this absolute boom in demand So let's stick with demand and another comment of yours was witnessing the biggest monetary stimulus outside of wartime referring to the various cares act The fiscal stimulus is that the key driver of all this demand Yeah Well it's the one two punch of monetary in fiscal So Barry when you and I were mirror children it was all about interest rates right The fed was using short term rates to affect economic conditions We'll call that monetary policy one And then in 2008 rates hit zero the fed needs to ease more So then it starts launching more quantitative easing So we call that balance sheet usage plus interest rates MP two When we got to the pandemic okay the fed went big and it went fast We cut rates We did huge amounts of quantitative easing but it wasn't enough to fill the hole in the incomes of the pandemic when we shut down the economy And so fiscal had to play a bigger role fiscal became the dominant policy lever driving growth and the fed facilitated it Obviously the feds go independent but the fed by keeping yields low by buying the bonds was allowing the.

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