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Only people go download your IRA bats APP to day a points on the align tomorrow my friend Gotcha Derby points here. This was the empire makers thought. It wasn't a Gotcha Derby points here. Many Years Back Great Three Shams ten ten forty one independence hall got his ten in the Jerome here on Wednesday despite acting like a Out of the terrible twos he was a terrible three that day a little bit of Paddock. A Happy Day on his birthday. But it's a still got the job done it One tonight you'll see the mind much to twenty to ten. You know. Sometimes you see one of nine going into the game and ends up onto five five. Yeah not that day. Oh I never seen a horse. Not named Songbird open one tonight and stay there. But he did Great to Sham Flat Mile. That's once around at the great race displace just to fill the six As you would imagine Bob Baffert holds a strong hand here. Authentic from the rail eight to five hundred warning lines rate and Van Dyke source brokers. 'cause meaning only five and a half they're gonNA ask them to stretch out from five and a half a mile. That was at Domoni just about two months ago as coast went to turns in the longest stretch action North America. Over at Lowe's Al last time and dyke stays the one have no fear as coast fans. Joel Rosario was here in the boot for the first time and drain Van Dyke decided to go with With authentic like I mentioned but I think as will cost I think that was much more impressive his his his debut win over track with some moisture in it. I mean to turns first time out. Yet expected them to win he was always bent down favoritism on the board but he made a nice isolate run and and went on and I was just impressed with his win. And you know thanks a lot of speed. I agree that you know. Maybe Drayton figures that they can stretch speed out. I'm I'm going to take the one. That's already proven he can go to terrence. I think Those two of the two best in here and They may well run one too. But I'M GONNA put as you'll coast on top. Only only two of the six have gone to close one first time out tae shot on the far outside one second time out I was Richard Baltas. Narendra you'll go in there. I'm not I'm taking a close look on my plan. Here is to beat authentic high profile. Play if I play An air rainbow six starts in this race as if I play any kind of multi-race wages I'm using the foreign six and tossing authentic as close for me goes as race number five grade. Three hundred thousand dollar ten derby points. It's on the line in the sham. And yes the that is where empire maker started off his three year. Olds they put blinkers on them for the first time then exploded. Yes yes they did. Decide that something for Saturday bed huff race. Eight at the great race places. Great to San Gabriel. Mylan Island in eighth on the lawn strike lead this field of seven. They haven't toodle one of the morning line. John White makes it good morning line. Man I got it is going to be considerably shorter you. I think it'd be the favorite. I don't know how short he's going to be. I thought it'd be close to even money. I don't think so really know if they're gonNA go. I think. Go onto the rail. I think we're going to go to Desert Storm on the biggest just as it's known fan there is. I don't think I think the the Bloomsburg off the rose a little bit I think as it stones just a cut below now listen. You could argue. This isn't the toughest great to he's ever going to run it and he's been running and he ran in grade once Back in the fall spring. He hasn't run since then. I mean that's a question but I feel like he needs a race off. I I feel the race off the bench to his best work but I think a lot of the public takes a look at what Richard Baltimore has done. Plus what he's done off these type of layoffs and the numbers at the sources rent run run. I think he's going to take a good amount owed support and I wouldn't bet him either. I think he's a racist well but I've got a little helping here too because the other ball source of the five five North country guy just went to wire going a mile and three eighths now. I know it's a lot different but quite frankly it doesn't seem over. Maybe the two chosen vessel well But I can't imagine going to go particularly fast I went a little off. So where did you go. I went with the four overdue. I do Fulfil D'Amato coming out of the mall. And I have Hollywood Turf Cup. which was his Graded stakes debut stakes race before. Newly Return five-year-old's is only run eight times. I like his two prior races where he won and the optional claiming ranks one of them in one forty six and two mile over. The Senate need a turf course. I like him getting back to these middle distances. And I think it'd be a decent price. Okay and would you go out of the Barwick goofy. I went to acker claiming Rao and I'm thinking Joel. Rosario just puts a source on a League tomorrow. That's what I'm thinking I'm thinking Joel Right Bobble of the break last time. You look back to that race at del Mar in summer. That'd be three quarters of a length of Cleopatra Strike just sitting off off the lead off a pretty decent. ID geologist going to blast. The source often see what he can do I would use Cleopatra Strike with them but does the only two I wanted anything with three. Seven Bucks Leah. Patrick Strike in Aker Aker to win for me and race number eight rate to San Gabriel. Return the Senate and just a little bit take a couple of trips down the Sunland Park this weekend and they have some interesting action actually started. They would quarterhorse racing I've been known to dabble in the quarter now. And then my friend just so you know. Is there anything you no better. No no long as an animal's involved. You mean a foot race. Anyway the bold ego handicap goes race. It's number nine five and a half wrongs four the fillies and Mares feel the seven going to go to the post so go to the post in here This I've never seen a morning line like this. You have A three two one two seven two two four to one and a five to one so they all over the board And I think rightly so. Oh I think there's several in here who who own topically looking at the race. who own the numbers to be competitive? I think he's my gem is going to be Be Tough to beat near Shelly run three times. He's already stakes winner. Three quarters Over the vizier park main track. I don't think the slight cutback cutback is going to bother her much I think that Todd fincher training is the one that going to have to be number. One awarded is interesting. I off the claims for Susan. Susan are net You say hey claiming off of Justin Evans who hit thirty one percent clip in the guys. No joke I mean he. He's the man there but take a look at what she's done with her claims she's nine for sixteen with her. You know with sixty nine of them have one. That's you know it's amazing step up and company but now there's there's some Sweden here and This horse has the right running style. I mean I know that he she breaks from the rail she can lead to trip out but one for one at sunland eleven time career winter interesting and she's anywhere near that eight to one online press and you didn't even mention the fact that she was against the track and the staff. Everyone to why I did not. Yeah I did not say remember I remember it. Well Stephanie. Here I do waxing poetic about Atlanta enchantment. It was a fun Kart. Thank anymore She's my jam. Speaking of land of enchantment she rode the bias. But you know what are the racist racist. Plenty of good. She's drawn outside. There's a lot of the speed in here that she gets the trip. I took my jam the Horse that I would want to Maybe mess around with at a price is Tmi Five in the morning lunch one phoenix. This should be a little higher than that. I I was all about the two in the six and she's my jam. The six will be my top pick goes as race number nine at someone the sixty five thousand dollar bold eagle all right. We'll take one more break week when we come back..

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