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Evening we finally start to taper those rain chances down it stays cloudy with an overnight low of fifty seven tomorrow a mix of sun and clouds only a ten percent rain chance and highs seventy up to seventy seven on Christmas day them if you're out on the water today please be careful high surf advisory high risk of rip currents small craft advisory and see that six to ten feet and is generally a meteorologist Leigh Spann news radio WFLA streaming on your Amazon echo and over two thousand devices by in the I heart radio at premiere networks presents coast to coast AM with George Knapp now here's George the rolling stones segue us into our four of tonight's coast to coast program we just heard a riveting account from Terry Lovelace about this incident at devil's den which is the title of the true story book that he has written he and his friend Toby out camping they encounter this gigantic you up they see little creatures zipping around around the campsite and that they believe that they slept for four hours once he gets back they get back to the base though eventually they find out a lot of things that it happened during that four hour period that did not involve sleep it's a terrifying story and we'll get to this part of that as well as what Terry remembers from earlier in his life other incidents.

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