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Gambling problem. Call 1 805 2 to 4700. 1 38. We check in with Jack and the traffic center. Quite a few arriving in Virginia between say, Falmouth and Springfield, North and South and chatted moving very well. But if you are north on 95 trying to come into Fredericksburg not so nice after the Rappahannock River Bridge, we've got to work and taking away the right lane. Big delays behind it up on 23 95. You're good. There was an earlier wreck near seminary Road Fender bender. If anything was still there was on the shoulder, not causing any kind of a delay. Then a little delay a boundary channel drive across the four 18th Street Bridge with network takes away the far right lane 66. Not too bad right now. Heavy traffic. They're going west as you approach and pass the Fairfax County Parkway headed out toward 28 29 in Centerville. So far nothing to report there in your way along that stretch Watch on 28 north before Sterling Boulevard. That crash reported to be black in the center of the roadway Inside the Beltway, 66 headed west on the Roosevelt Bridge. That work is in the right lane. Today. There's also been activity on the interlude, Brandt takes up on the 66 East and West. Works down there had been in the right lane slowdown in Maryland is going to be on 2 70 south out of her Bana. The work sound. Before 109 blocks the left lane, you'll find activity north on the Baltimore Washington Parkway, just north of 1 97. All the activity was in the median to stay alert along that left side for that crash. You will find the beltways in decent shape through Montgomery County. But Prince George's county stretch inner loop south of town watch for that work. That's after Allentown Road, taking the right lane that caused a slowdown. But there is work in the local lanes on the interview before I tune in. The five last heard sign work taking away the far right lane really didn't cause much of a slowdown. Watching the district the slower traffic now leaving the 11th Street Bridge going north on D C to 95 toward Pennsylvania Avenue in northeast Reading the House Street near Sligo Mill Road. That's a reported crash and they had been work causing a little delay. I 2 95 North bound up new Malcolm X Avenue, causing again just a brief slowdown. Ashley Homestore's Labor Day sales been extended. The best time to buy new furniture is now just a few more days to save 60%. Off all furniture plus free delivery at Ashley Home Store in Maryland and Virginia. Jack Taylor, w T o P Traffic and our forecast from Storm Team four's Chuck Bell. You know if we're going to have to get rain, we must get it on Thursday because that leaves us with sunshine for Friday,.

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