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Hearing a lot from the never never trade Eichel crowd. I don't know if there is that crowd. I feel like there's got to be doesn't there. He's just too good a player further to not have people that exist that think that way. But I don't think we've heard from them. And maybe that is a sign that there aren't many out there because You would think with all the talk of all right? Yeah. If you get the value you do it. If you get the value If you get Quentin by field, Alex Turcotte and two first round picks from the Los Angeles Kings, you do it. Where are where's the pushback? Where's where are the fans that say? I'm not trading Jack Eichel. Who's a top five center in the sport who is 24 years old, is the captain of the team. It is under contract for five more years. I am not trading him for four pieces that have not played a lick of hockey in the NHL. There's an argument to be made there that You just don't do it. You just tell Jack you're a saber. So if you're not used to it now get used to it because you're going to. You're going to be a part of this effort, whether you like it or not. I'm not saying you would say that to him that way, But that type of thinking that type of mindset. Maybe that's the way the sabers are thinking. I imagine it's not because you got a lot of talk a lot of rumors. A lot of reports that Well, they they're listening. You know they're talking with the Rangers. They're having discussions with the King's These other teams They're checking in. It's not What you heard from the Houston Texans a couple months ago. Before all the legal stuff with Shawn Watson. What did you hear about Houston? You had Watson wanting a trade that happened via Chris Mortensen of ESPN and then several reporters after Watson wants out, All right, we found it out. He wants out. And then what came after It was months, weeks, months. Whatever Awas off Houston's not picking up the phone. You had weeks and months of other G M's are leaving their trade offers on the answering machines. That's what you were hearing. That is defiance that is drawing a line in the sand that is saying We're not trading this guy. There's just no way it's happening. And that, at least is not happening with sabers. You are not hearing Kevin Adams is not picking up the phone. Have it if you want to talk Michael Trade with Kevin Adams. He's gonna hang up. Other G M's need to be leaving. You know they're not getting responses. We're not hearing that. And that to me means there's at least some willingness towards this idea. And maybe nobody's against it. I mean that Isn't it just seemed too hard to believe. He's a guy that What 16 months ago. Not that long ago we were talking about him being the Hart Trophy winner. Potentially Like that. How many of those guys have have come through here and saber history? Jubeir Paro ever in the Hart Trophy category. I know Dominic Cash it was. I know Dominic Cash was and I know he did it twice. So Two times. Danny Briere was not that when he was here. Maybe La Fontaine got there. It's some point in the nineties. When he played whole seasons. But without I did not watch those years. I am too young for that. But I do know enough to know that people were putting a video game stats all over the league and that La Fontaine's 50 goals 150 whatever points You know, they're modern men might have been guys with 30 or 40 more so I'm looking at it now. Paro never finished higher than fifth in the Hart Trophy voting. He never finished higher than fifth. In his entire saber career. And Pat LaFontaine. Finished third for the sabers in that 93 season that I'm talking about. He had 148 points 53 goals. You know what? I wasn't too far off. I'll say that for over 84 games also would have been able to tell you is 84 games. So I'll give myself credit for that, Um Third from La Fontaine. Two from Hashtag in 1/5 place. From Sheila Bair Paro in the seventies..

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