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Ruled out. So you need you need. Why don't you? You have to keep a coal. We talked about this, what happened. I don't know. I think that that's a factor. I'm feeling sectors thinking about it. You'll see in the video he's well on his way to doing it. But then he just hits that wall from it being warm, and there was a real there, definitely was all whereas like knock people do this to pull the big lebowski. This isn't knobs, do their rules coal beer. Lighter beer. This is not your fault. I should have been more visit. That's my that's my fault. You actually had great formerly on. I couldn't really I thought you were gonna crush it. It was like halfway where you got got you. Three. Yeah. Maybe more three four two thirds three quarters. You'll say it he's right there. He just can't like close. You don't have the next week. But I think if you had a cold beer, you're of bug. I love your more of what is your beer of yours have regular toys? It's really stellar Heineken. That's kinda why with the Stella just because I'm that's like, the most taste wise. How do you feel about over the next couple days? Maybe I don't know where you would do this. Maybe you have some friends or by twelve six packs, but you should try to Miller, you should try some cores you strive, bud. He should try some various American light lagers, and you should see which one you liked the most. And I think you should chug that cold Tom. What any what do you think? I'm totally with you. I think Miller lite might be a good thing for somebody likes, Stella and want something a little bit easier to drink. But still kind of not gross. I think he needs to experiment. A tiny bit. I definitely think he can do it. He clearly is a better beer-drinking Aaron Rodgers is just the, the environment was not properly set up today. I, I'm pretty good beer, chug, I'd have trouble chugging Stella. I like Sela warm. I couldn't even drink it got one of the what did he call? These things big like a smoothie cups, big plastic cups. He's drinking out of one of those smoothie growlers plastic Cup born Stella, we let you down. I feel like we set bad boundaries for you. This is on us this, this is a guy fail warm like I took out of the fridge twenty minutes ago or warm like it was warm like eight hour like eight nine hours taste. At the end, it was like this is bad at the, the end pretty bad. I actually think you might be chugging a chugging genius. You just I mean, you, you just ran a marathon up hill on your bare feet. Basically, did you finish the marathon? No, but you came damn close, and it was the bare feet in the rocks and trees in the way shaping. Oh man. I have a half marathon, anyway, that we won't even marathon wants lesson. You learnt Stu Stewart Bill next week. The better beer beer. Yeah. I'll maybe next week after I'll do a little off your break by week. Yeah. House of whatever to everyone. Do you remind you remind me that's my that I should've I should've had you put in the fridge fridge back there. I remember the first time that Adam clue realized there was beer in that fridge. He looked away you did at the party when it's just like, oh, my gosh. It's free really. We back there. Yeah. Wow. I didn't know that. Alongside never having all clued. Arts. Do that was not your fault that you actually did a better. Here we go. Robert Schneider is saying, just make a little Michelob ultra that I'm looking at. I think it is. Yeah. Yeah. Michelob ultra I never I never had a bug guy mittens of cores light. I'm such a creature of habit. We're gonna you're going out. You're going out with them. You're going out with your girlfriend's dad for Father's Day. Can you and your dead on Sunday? Are you are you able to order like one beer at one another the other just just test. It. Yeah. That could work. Yeah. Absolutely. Yeah. All right. All right. By the way, if you think of it, I will call in, and I'll treat the beer just semi where you guys are going just the details now on the time where you guys are going for. All sense of your over to you. How's that? I think I think will be good. I appreciate the offer. What was wrong? I want I want to send you a beer buddy, Jeff mills, did I got engaged had like Dom Perignon waiting for me and Lori after they brought it out. I mean I'm not gonna send you any one hundred dollars campaign but I will send you a four dollar. Beers guy you man. Thank you. Semi just send me where you guys are going on Saturday and the time is that work for you. Yes. Of course. Of course it does. I'm not gonna do anything come on. I'm gonna send one of the guys to ambush on your girlfriend and her dad Papa. Oh boy and record it I'm just going to send you a course life. I can't believe chug a warm beer. I'm oppressed. I couldn't do it that is that is that is stepped up stew in a big way for the show Philip a warm Stella. I mean that is like getting on somebody's not be able to lift four thousand pounds twice. I mean, that is a that is a heavy lift right there. We'll even our radio show left. Sean our. It's some special we keep it going five things, you know, about Stewart Kovacs whatever you put whipped about, like deep, Dr secrets phone number your girlfriend figured out five come up on the program Beth next year on CBS sports radio..

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