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Foot. What? Just to make change. Just to make few people happy. And then destroyed his own ego. I really I really think that was a big part of it. You know? Yeah. It's fucking terrible. You know, and and that'll be a recurring theme as we kind of go through this book. But so here, here's an age gap thing that I found interesting, but but would love to ask you about, you know, in the military, you were in the military during the the initial invasion of Kuwait where where Saddam tried to annex it, and it seemed to surprise most most of the country like they had no idea that it was going to happen on the feet and his family. Yeah. Because he used to the level. He don't feel anyone loyal to him except his family. So yeah, I just come in the morning on that one. But I'm going to the hospital, and they hear the news Kuwait became a Nilo prophets. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Fucking. It's fucking Middle East can book everything for grabs. Right. You know? Yeah. And so so you report of a an anti-aircraft unit up in the north up and in the Mosel area. So you really had zero involvement in that in terms of participation, and then even once the US got involved, you know, there was that's one of the things I found very interesting was that the disconnect, you know, here in the United States, you know, if we were being attacked the entire military for the most part would be, you know, either mobilized or we're playing some role, you know, and I found it fascinating that there was such a disconnect there with even in the Gulf war like you had almost no involvement in terms of fighting American forces, bro. I love the way how you explained that. And I disagree about the medical mind said compared to rocky you come up completeness. Eight to rock. Until now fifty three years old. I have no one feet lead Nuuk. So why I'm gonna put him fight for Iraq is different between Iraq and the United States. You have a house. You have you'll memories bright. You have everything something happened. You can fight foot. What do you have? Right. If you have nothing nothing to fight for is it. So this is the difference. Can I tell you one of my? Friends of mine. Is named tumble. I met him by an accident and gentlemen festival in San Diego. You know, end up of that. Eighteen me to middle middle model. The base. And he showed me that e planes helicopter, all the bullshit. And this like where he puck and doing I want to see blown chicks..

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