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Especially if they could procure an eel skin for the purpose it being esteemed throughout the country as a potent nourish her and strengthener of the hair brom bones however was the hero of the scene having come to the gathering on his favourite steed daredevil a creature like himself full of metal end mischief and which no one but himself could manage he was in fact noted for preferring vicious animals given to all kinds of tricks which kept the rider in constant risk of his neck for he held at tractable well broken horse as unworthy of a lad of spirit fain would. I paused dwell upon the world of charms that burst upon the enraptured gaze of my hero as he entered the state parlor avantis mansion. Not those of the bevy of buxom last says with their luxurious display of red and white but the ample charms of a genuine dutch country. Tea table in the sumptuous time of autumn such heaped up platters of cakes of various and almost indescribable kinds known only to experienced dutch housewives. There was the doughty doughnut. The tender oily cake and the crisp and crumbling crawler sweet cakes and shortcake's ginger cakes and honey cakes and the whole family of cakes and then there were apple pies and peach pies and pumpkin pies the sides sizes of ham and smoked beef and moreover electable dishes of preserved plums and peaches and pears and quences not to mention broiled chad and roasted chickens. Together with balls of milk and cream all mingled higgledy-piggledy. Pretty much as i have enumerated them with the motherly teapot sending up its clouds vapor from the midst heaven blessed the mark. I want breath and time to discuss this banquet as it deserves and 'em too eager to get on with my story. Happily ekapat crane was not so great. A hurry as his historian but did ample justice to every dainty he was kind and thankful creature whose heart dilated in proportion as his skin was filled with good cheer and whose spirits rose with eating as some men's do with drink he could not help to rolling. His large is around him as he aid and chuckling with the possibility that he might one day be lord of all this scene of almost unimaginable luxury and splendour. Then he thought how soon he turned his back upon the old school house..

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