Jeffrey, President Trump, United States discussed on The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer - Trump's defense of the 'very fine people' at Charlottesville white nationalist march has David Duke gushing, Trump Goes Unscripted During News Conference, Federal prosecutors pursue information on Trump opponents


Uh and it's really incredible this the and a half to disagree with what jeffrey said that this is what people voted for and maybe one americans would want because you might expect these sorts of things from a canon it uh but the job description for a candidate is much different than their job description for president of the united states and at some point you have to wonder what does donald trump view his job as as president because americans typically look to the president in times like this for leadership also although it's our goods are the gift certificate also the worst of the culinary with reporters loria he went after senator john mccain for voting against the repeal and replace of the healthcare senator john mccain someone who's fighting brain cancer right now listen to this he's giving us getting good healthcare that all these attacks and you ain't that same credit to those who perpetrated charlottesville well i don't know i can't tell you i'm sure senator mccain must know what he's talking about but when you say the ultraright defined old right to me you defined as defined as the saint george excuse me what about the old left the came charging at the as you say the old right do they have any semblance of guilt ask you this what about the fact that came charging that they came charging with clubs and a hand swinging clubs do they have any problem i think they do.

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