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One one and purchase them people. Still ownership. Yeah. You can still call by phone, and you can still go to the MGM resort box office and pick these up. Let's go. Quo really quick it says. Okay. It's with great pride the top rank and Frank Warren Queensberry promotions put together with ESPN, plus an empty kick global another thing, you should know it while I end quote there. This is ESPN plus only. Yes. And maybe we'll do another show on of a seal and Corolla. But that's also plus only rightfully so these fights that are huge favorites for the favorite underdogs for the underdog shouldn't be on regular television. Because it's not doing of the sport a any good. It's not doing it any good unless those winds are going to look a certain way, they're gonna if they're gonna look TV ready than if you're is going to go out there and knock out shorts than. Yeah. Put it on ESPN gained some viewers. But if he's just gonna box twelve rows keep this on ESPN, plus but going back to the quote, he says we'll be able to present the leading heavyweight in the world and megastar in boxing, chopper and chairman by Baram said to know. Talking about will be facing a tough experience.

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