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If a Prime Minister of Canada Canada's Lucky and I mean really lucky he gets to have a John Crosby in his cabinet. One not too. That's how former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney began a tribute tribute to his late friend and colleague in Saint John's earlier today dignitaries and politicians of all stripes including Justin Trudeau and former prime minister. Joe Clark gathered for Mr Crosby state funeral in the provincial capital. Mr Crosby served as a cabinet minister under both Mr Clark and Mr Maruni at the podium. Brian Mulroney honored his friends fierce advocacy. Not only for his province but for his country as a whole and he offered up a tentative impersonation of John Crosby in this story about the the birth of CBC Newsworld commentators have discussed the crosby sense of humor. Funny I never saw any of it so here. We are at another Cabbie batmobiles a little while later and the Minister of communications came in with a project to create the new instrument called Newsworld and to fund it with a further grant to the CBC saw. The debate went around the cabinet table and finally John put up his hand now. I can't imitate them but I'm going to try. What the Hell you put up his hand and you know many of you know that when he was trying to make an important point he closed his eyes so I knew it was going to be important because both of them were bat shot so he puts up his hand and he said Prime Minister? May I say something I said. Sure John what is it he said as I understand it we are presently giving the CBC a billion million dollars a year so they can savage us eighteen hours a day. Is that right Prime Minister I said well John is just about right and he said this I understand we are going to create an instrument called newsworld and we are going to give the CBC another two hundred million dollars so they can savage usque twenty four hours a day. Is that right prime minister. I said well I think Soja you said we'll prime administer. I'm GonNa need your help. You're a very smart man and you're a great speaker prime minister you're very eloquent. I WANNA ask you to to come with me to Newfoundland and speak to the good people of Newfoundland to convince them a little bit because they have never heard of anything thinks oh stupid in their entire lives.

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