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We know the phoenix suns on side of things complete opposite It was really a team effort for two team. Devon booker led away with thirty one points but mckell british had a career high in our career. Playoff high with twenty seven points Drake crowder after scoring zero points in game. One scored eleven points. This game The andre and having a quiet night but Still had a double double with ten points and lover rebounds. He had forces With that that chris. Paul the leader of this team. Twenty three points. Ten to twenty from revealed three five. Three point range absences an absolutely floor. General what more can you say. in review this game The just the sons caught fire in the caught fire. Early am i. And even though they caught fire early they still weren't able to take the lead after one quarter of play. But you know this is Four quarters fourth quarter game not a first quarter game and two sons were able to stick with it They really able to get things going second in my opinion This is where While i was talking about withdrew holiday inn khris middleton. They just weren't able to get things going while everyone on the son says seemed like they had going for them And that resulted in a thirty point. Quarter for two sons And from then on. It didn't really seem like the bugs. Were gonna take the lead back in this game Even though janas had twenty points in the third quarter alone he wasn't able to get any help in the second half and Devon booker chris paul macabre company were Able to take control of the second half and come out with a two zero lead so with that Thou be effort. The first segment of today's podcast. The headline for today's segment on the phoenix suns catch fire and Take a co- series lead in the nba finals Coming up next. I'm going to be talking about Conor mcgregor versus dustin pori Part three Should being exciting. What can we talk about Fight with you guys should be a good one in after that. I'm going to have to more segments. And then the third segment. Today's going to be about the euro twenty twenty cup final with england italy and then the final segment of today will be about a my predictions for game three of the nba finals The prediction for your twenty twenty cup. Final and the twenty twenty cup of america follow was argentina. brazil neymar messy. Stick around for that. On the gypsum sports podcasts..

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