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Well if that's where he lives on that's where they're going to indict to be. That's the that's our meeting space. And i told him just like you said like you wanna talk talk. But i'm gonna talk to you. I'm not gonna talk to you publicly like we have a conversation publicly like but you need a mediator there a non-bias party that can help. Both of you guys articulate correctly because it's going to be very emotional. I don't even think it's dead. 'cause like ah for me like i been in a. I was in an abusive. Marriage are got i got. I converted Halfway converted to islam for my daughter's father in went through all of that girl. That's a lot. Yeah like you know. So like i been through a lot of i've been through i've had to maneuver through a lot of masculine energy so me when it comes to a male in a room alpha female item. I don't execute tears. I don't execute emotion. Oil change tires put brakes on the car. Such sheet outbreaks off. Pick up kleenex so But if he wanted to talk. Like i'm more than open today like you know but it's going be some like walk home from school your stomach. Are you know mom something bad you get your ass. You shouldn't be with him alone. Multiple reasons safety and just nothing good will come out of that so for his ashby public at this point at this point like there's no at this point there's no private meeting with you and this person there's on that 'cause like 'cause you've already came out and said the i'm a liar you've already came out and said that you invite th the. I was at your house but it is not going down the way us by the way i'm saying like you. You know you've already put out. You already. tried to put out a false narrative. A very absolutely very very weak one. But you've already tried to put out a false narrative so there's no no and then at this point. If you do meet with him privately this could be like a whole dateline episode. No no ma'am. I watch too much tv. Don't do it too. Many people know how. I believe in big bird. Who's gonna kill. Who is the question is why i said dateline. Because it's going to be who plot twist. Ooh plot wish off his stick off like lorena bobbitt. Hey she was my idol for many many years. Don't play with stone cold respect for her name. I love her all right. Well thanks for coming in good to talk to you. Honey listening to. Who's next with machina on radio. Twenty two twenty two twenty two twenty two..

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