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J NewsRadio nine fifty after Savarese of fog early it will turn, out partly to mostly sunny through the day today but it will be humid and. Warmer with a high today at about eight degrees it's about ten degrees warmer than. It was yesterday and warm and sticky night, tonight partly cloudy low only down, to seventy four partly sunny for tomorrow and Tuesday hot. And humid highs both days around ninety one degrees I'm AccuWeather meteorologist. Brian. Thompson on WW j. shredding, your nine fifty Brian it is still mild seventy-one. Mostly cloudy at city, airport traffic and weather together just. Ahead at. Five eight WW j. news time five oh six picking up where CBS news left off on, the passing of Senator John. McCain out of Arizona Michigan. US. Senator Debbie stabber now speaking live on www Jay says McCain's legacy for years to come we'll be, his work in public service. Took his job very seriously Toward the armed services can of course that was. Just passionate I worked. With him healthy air force base and an our. Technology research efforts and take common part he wise not partisan he wanted to know what needed to. Be done I remember him working on a. Very important Balestre veterans with Bernie Sanders, and he and Bernie Sanders You know we're certainly far ends of the spectrum in terms of their philosophy. But he was always trying to do the right thing and he'd work with anybody and everybody to get that done and we also spoke live with US Senator, Gary Peters of Michigan was one who always spoke his mind he didn't put it through political calculus as to whether or not this was something that. Was gonna play politically he did it based on his values based on his years of experience and his beliefs that that you need to be focused on what's right for the. Country what's right to make sure that our country continues to sort. It self in national policy and. National security issues and based on analysis of the facts so and he was never afraid to take. What may have been. A controversial issue is something that he believed in. Something that he was passionate and he was focused on that and that's all that mattered to them stay with news very newsradio nine fifty and c._b._s. news here on w. w j as we continue to follow this story this morning the death of senator john mccain he died yesterday at his home in sedona arizona he was eighty one w._w. j. news time five eight di brasa check traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the eighth from the idol dom motor group traffic center brought to you this hour by b._m._w. of rochester hills teena marie hausa dr meltzer keenly aaa jam cams no accidents to report at this time but of course we have construction ninety.

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