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Handy man this is the fix it show with Tom face up on WTMJ seven twenty seventy W. T. M. J. thirty one degrees says heads up the freezing fog advisory in effect of mine this morning for walk ins are receiving can ocean Walworth county so it's just wet enough and just cold enough that's what's going on let's go to Milwaukee and Tom Hey Tom good morning day a yeah I've got a question that please if you were to use a humidifier in your house I do not I have a modern house it's sealed very tightly and they're actually do not need a humidifier so do you have an older home that dries out on you well it was built in nineteen sixty okay and at that time do you think maybe we need to implement a fire but is a way of checking that ahead of time without going out getting one or well he so you have you don't have one right now we do not okay well I'm gene you measure humidity level in your house at all in the summertime we get a de humidifier that we use okay so I've been a human a humidifier adds moisture in the winter time exactly yeah and typically they're marlin a furnace in and around here April there is the predominant brand if you're not too dry if you don't feel to dry in the winter time and you don't have wood floors that are split and crack and I you don't you don't need a humidifier the more you tighten up the house the less you need a humidifier that adds moisture I don't have one in my house because I know it's really really tight and and and if anything I have a moisture problem in the winter time how do you ever get condensation on your windows in the winter well it put in a windows about two three years ago and we really doll okay well then yeah that that then when doesn't make a difference too yeah yeah unless you have some health issues related to dry air you do not need a humidifier for any.

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