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You've always been a fan of hers and we're so glad to have on the show. She's been very hard to get to throughout this crime by. She's the busiest person in the world. Megan gale thank you for joining us. I'm truly truly honored. I just told one of my corona threads of gals that I needed to stop talking to them because I was going on the sklar brothers podcast and they they're alive. They're excited nice. It's lit I love the truth. The truth is that we love to talk to comedian. Who really know their sports? And so like your your dream for us because not only are you funny. We just saw you do the funniest set at the belly room up at the comedy store but I think you even strangled some great sports references throughout that set just phenomenal. Thank you thank you know I used to work for the NFL worked for the NFL and ESPN. So you can be anything so so obviously we love that you love. Sports is rainy. Said this is the question. That's on my mind because I WANNA know. If other people have good ways of coping with no sports how are you dealing with the fact that there are no sports right now? It's so interesting because I feel like sports in this crisis was really a signifier to me that it was real like once the NBA got. Shut DOWN I was like. Oh okay now. It's real more so than anything else. My husband works for a basketball based company. We are huge fans I mean. Nfl Free Agency is really getting me through. But I'm a colts fan. And I. I hate Philip Rivers so much so I was like. Oh watching it to this is bad. I mean I went into my room and just screaming. No at the top of my lungs and my husband was like what happened. Who HAS IT? Who has it and I was like no? We Have Philip rivers like. It's worse off this data traffic in my life right. I mean when you think about it. Philip Philip Rivers. What do you think about Philip Rivers? He is multiplying like the corona virus. He has like nine kids bashing it's like you. Your key. Like makes too much sense in Indianapolis like he has so many children he so white like he is top ten whitest people on Earth and loves the Lord and that is something that Indianapolis is going to embrace in a way. That almost makes me sick. Like she is going to get there and see how many applebees there are and be like I don't know why ever lived in San Diego Right San Diego's far to progressive for him. Well I mean the Phil rivers rule is if he wins more games. He has kids your good. That's it you get He may be good for you guys you never know what if he like has just crazy. Resurgence You don't have to worry about Tom Brady anymore right or is still no no? I think the bucks NFC? I guess. I get them confused because I like Joe. Nobody does the. Nfl fell one. I Hate Jay Winston. So even that like like everyone's moves had made me so happy but my own teams and so that has been difficult. But I like this new defensive linemen that we got like. I do think there's some positives. I Love Jacoby Burr set. I think he's such a good guy and seemed like the locker room really loved him and he also had a better year than Philip rivers. Last year like Philip rivers had a catastrophic year. The colts actually had a good year. We were cursed by Adam. Venit Terry who I do love I have so much love for is the greatest of all time. He cost us our entire season last year. Though I think this panic to be like we need a quarterback is a little like ill based Gould. I agree with them. I mean we need to kick her and the interesting thing for me is that the colts lost Andrew Luck last year. And this happen sports all the time. Isn't it amazing? How sometimes you think you lose the biggest thing ever and you become addition by subtraction so the nationals Bryce Harper and then and then they win the world series. You know what I mean. You guys lose Andrew Luck and then you go on a crazy run. I think the Celtics are a lot better this year. I think there I think this I mean the raptors are that we're better I guess I I'm not even to the point where I'm able to talk about the NBA and past tense yet. Because it still feels like like it still feels like it's like when you're father leaves abandoned your family like unlike. Lebron's going to walk through the door any minute. He's coming back right right and do a tick. Tock dance Yeah I mean I feel I. I feel like you know my son's eleven and he.

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