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Right everyone, so he and I are opening up with some yummy strawberry. Dockery's and we felt this was very appropriate. Since we just all saw the lunar eclipse of the Strawberry Moon how about Nikki and Iron Phoenix right now, and we haven't seen clouds forever, but the day that clouds wanted to come is when the lunar eclipse was happening, so we didn't even get to see it I know I like literally set my alarm for twelve twelve to see the lunar eclipse, and Arizona was filled with clouds, which I was grateful for, but I was like the one day you all WanNa. Show Up I. Know It's one of those things. It's like you WANNA complain because. With the summer heat in Arizona. When you see cloud, you feel like a little piece that maybe they'll be. It'll be a cooler day, so I was like Unicol I was grateful for it, but I'm like really out of all the days you come right, but I have to say. We were so blessed in the evening because we got the most beautiful strawberries sunset, that turned all those clouds into like strawberry colors, and then artem, and I went night swimming, and the send pretty much went down, but it was still light out. And we couldn't see the full moon yet, but the clouds were still super pink and I'm like Oh. It's from the moon. I loved it. Yeah, it was funny. Because Brian I was like. Oh artem Clark Grind. Swimming is like oh I could hear him I'm like. The life of being neighbors no way. Outside shaking the dogs out, and he could hear you guys swimming and I was just like I mean that's so crazy to me, right? It really is I have to say that. The best part about having porn. You know my pulls small, but it's perfect I. don't need anything big. is going swimming naked being pregnant? It is just so freeing for anyone who has been pregnant. You will understand this but like. It's just getting a lot of like. Just my boobs lane on my stomach. My boobs are getting heavier, and it's pushing out on my belly, which is getting heavier. I am in that water, the bubis float up to the top the belly. Eight instead of a effort wherever I'm at the belly fill so you're almost swimming in, you actually forget you're pregnant. I told artem the same thing last night. I go we're. I forget that I'm pregnant and I fill ache. To and not well beyond. That, so we're talking about pregnancy I. Would I really want to talk a lot about this before we recap? Tony is because the last three days. I, I've been hit with anxiety. I have been hit with a lot of realization. I've been really tired. I'm starting. I think hitting Gosh. I'm less than eight weeks out. I'm actually less than seven weeks out, but. I started to watch on TV show on. Netflix I know. It's really it's a cheeky. Little. British comedy called the down. I have not been able to go back to because one of the episodes they're so sleep deprived with their infant, and how they look and how they're acting I was like Oh that was how it was and I'm like wait a second. That's how I'm going to be, but have a toddler and my to Frenchies who are like these to needy babies and I literally Brian I. turned it off halfway through the episode. Because we started to getting Zeitung, we looked at each other and we're like. Oh, my gosh, like it's going to happen to us again and I'm scared. Don't because I haven't done it yet. And this is the one thing all you new moms. Old Mom's whatever MOM's. Old As in like you've had kids for years. what you guys do to me. Is You give me anxiety you every single mom when I know I'm pregnant. It's my first time ago well welcome to no sleeping for the next eighteen years, and I'm like Oh. My Gosh, you talk about lack asleep and it scares me because you know the human body in the brain. Brain. We need sleep to function, and and just do things productively and I'm like am I not going to be productive person anymore. It scares me. I mean I literally woke up last night? In the middle of the night I was probably maybe two hours and I went back to sleep I was lucky. Brian. This morning was like I'll get bird. You just keep sleeping. And when I woke up, really really tired, I almost wanted to start crying because I was like. This isn't even bad like you're only up for two hours of the night and you went back to sleep and your husband. Let you sleep in. I was like it almost brought. Tears is like I'm going to be way more tired than filling today and I know you didn't sleep last night I, didn't I? I don't know if it was the moon and the energy or just I don't know what it was, but my mind would not shut off, not fall into deep sleep. It's one of those nights like you know when you're awake. The whole time like you're kinda sleeping, but you know you're awake and I was just like. No. This is a time I gotta get sleep because. In eight weeks. I'm not going to be resting for a while, and that's so scary to me Oh my gosh, I think that scares me the most and swabbing and breastfeeding. An just taking care of a life, actually it was the most terrifying thing to me. BURP PAIN! Burping was the worst thing because birdie would take so long to BURP and then sometimes we're like well. She just might not have to Burp and then when you're laying her down in my head Mike, she didn't Burp. This could be bad lake I. Don't know burping was just. To make it..

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