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To seem thirty four year old miller catches the beat i will very excited and very happy music is therapy for some two dozen people with developmental disabilities like autism and down syndrome the session at the ed roberts campus in berkeley run by maya's music therapy it's cofounder neurologist dr joanna cooper says the group is especially important for adult to age out of government funded services offered movie only service that they get in the therapeutic way to improve their motor ability their coordination their social abilities their language is music therapy fund honors dr cooper's severely disabled daughter maya who died at age fourteen from a rare neurologic disorder she was non verbal but she could really come alive with music dr cooper and maya's father founded the nonprofit in one thousand nine hundred nine they started with a handful of children today's the nonprofit is twenty nine years old and serves more than one hundred children and adults the nonprofits paid music therapist says dr cooper has expanded the sessions to several locations in richmond and berkeley she's very strong willed and she knows what she wants and she makes it happen all of the participants perform in a music festival and sometimes it takes years but dr cooper has seen near oracle's through maya's music therapy fund somebody who never spoke being able to sing so for co founding a music therapy nonprofit that improves the quality of life of developmentally disabled participants this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to dr joanna cooper sharon chin kcbs so far this week wall street has gotten out of its pattern of late session pullbacks the dow jones industrials gained three hundred forty six points or one point four percent and settled above twenty five thousand for the first time since march thirteenth the nasdaq closed at a third straight record high on seven tenths percent advance the s and p five hundred closed up nine tenths percent at a three month high shares of delta airlines fell nine tenths percent delta cut its profit forecast because of the cost of jet fuel spirits maker brown foreman parent of jack daniels and other brands reported strong sales for the fiscal fourth quarter and the full fiscal year but the company's profit for the quarter was down because of higher costs brown forman shares fell a quarter percent worker productivity was weaker than originally thought.

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