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The warriors oh okay let's remember when lebron left for joy taylor's miami heat yes okay he was stretchered for the decision here we are four years later is anybody talking about the decision no no it's like lebron he was down three one and he wanted title he's been to the final seven straight years like you forget about this we're gonna forget that kevin durant and the warriors are going to be like wow this type is incredible this is this is a guy in the same discussion i think he will be as lebron michael jordan okay so you have westbrook at ten so you don't love him as much as i here's what i said the joy taylor my list is people were specifically great at stuff what is westbrook specifically great okay well let's start with what he's not good okay does not elevate the players around him joy i know you love him this is a guy who got paul george and carmelo anthony couldn't win anymore games couldn't get out of the first round of the playoffs however i have to respect joyce said the high motor motor this is a guy who could average triple double motor two seasons in a row colin i know he's a tw twenty nine percent three point shooter this year which is bad which is awful and i don't think he elevates teammates but as a pure individual talent he's up there he's gotta be but you've got him at ten got an i have him in my list of twelve i didn't give that let's ten and twelve there's what three hundred fifty players in the league and ten or twelve it's not a slight to was okay now let's go to ben simmons okay okay i'll say it he is a twenty year old point guard he is the biggest strongest longest best defending best passing best finisher at the rim he is magic magic was never a great rebound or defender so his magic but bigger and stronger so i said this on fox sports radio saturday right and the the next two days my twitter and instagram were just flooded with you don't know anything about ben simmons he can't shoot colin we know he can't shoot any still average sixteen eight and a rural and the most important thing they want twenty games last year they had.

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