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Totta, my friend. Joel Anderson is a young adult on autism spectrum growing up. Speaking was a challenge for Joel. So we would open borough other people's words like when he would quote phrases from cartoons to express his needs. It's an aspect of autism called a Lelio. But what some would see as a challenge Joe made it his strength channeling his love for fictional characters into his own art and animation business called Joes vision arts through his paintings animated cartoons and illustrated books Joel is using his unique communication and logistic abilities to demonstrate to the world that kids with autism. Want to learn more visit disciplined campaign dot org where I posted a link to Jones website and a great video of his artwork? All there for you at disabilitycampaign dot org. To human beings real people, Dr Ford persona to the bed. Kevin. I am innocent pay said France assaults. I made drastically altered my life. He said. Dr four with what degree of certainty? Percents. No doubt in your mind. Search and destroy accurate. Updates are on to get to the truth. Talkradio six eighty WCBS. Mm. This is talk radio six eighty WCBS. Your listening to underwriters corner at your host.

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