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I fucking hate this guy and for him to be like the tweet out like only soak Shaw like a picture of him with his hand in his head. Like, I think after the penalty or something. Yeah. Yeah. It'd be like you. Okay. It's like, yeah. Do you like he's fine. He's literally reinvigorated this club. And he's like crushed it. Like in the fact that he's like, oh, I thought it's like it's one loss like in. Yeah. Right. Thank you. And I saw people already like debating like, oh like should posh. Now, come to literally like take step back and fuck your own face like, relax. Okay. It's one loss and it's at home against a rival or like old rival, and you know, just everyone just chill. And I know you Martin are. So for Ali Salk short taken the reins, still, obviously. Like, there's no no doubt in my mind that you think that way. So but go on. I really dislike that that portion of Manchester United fans, and it's not just mentioned might advance its regular punditry and regular commentators as well who are just freaking out about this loss. And like you said mansions noted an arsenal or old rivals. And it seems like within the past year year and a half is rivalry has kind of done some more flames under their fire. You know, and I'm kind of about it. I've never really hated arsenal. I wasn't watching soccer when or someone mentions knotted at those epic battles in the late nineties and early two thousands. But I'm all about it. And I think that this game is United or snow matchup is well suited for rivalries where two of the older guards of the Premier League. So I'm all about it. And I think that the players are all about it. I do think that Jesse Lynn guard and the defeat at the emerets and the League Cup. Really mostly hurt Ozil and Arsenault as a whole because of their responses on on social media post game method hotel post on Instagram picture of of the Emirates with the caption. It said something along the lines of a dancefloor brilliant performance etcetera etcetera, and I think or Senal Twitter page did a very similar thing. And then same with unite is at the wheel. So I think this has all the makings for revolved lies rivalry between Orson win. Let's go. And I'm about a man we're too old guards, we need some passion and our teams. So let's hate each other. Kev. Fuck you've course know all about this robbery. Manchester United go fuck yourself. All right. My last comments about the game. I'm excited that a Bum Yang after scrubbing the penalty against Tottenham stepped up to the plate. And was like, you know, what I'm gonna give it another. You know, go at it again. And I was glad he was able to you know, put this one behind the net. I don't mean to like, I just I was very like, you know, way to step up and like take the penalty from Laka like, no, no, I got this kind of get his confidence backup. So I just really liked that from my like from a striker so. Let's move on to a nother north London team Tottenham, we can talk show on this game though. Martin Jesus Christ. Like, I just someone said it, I think it was either on NBC or something that Tottenham was literally like ten points above arsenal couple of weeks ago, and now arsenal who are now in fourth place one point behind Tottenham after they just had another loss against Southampton this weekend to one Martin I went to founding fathers to go watch this match, which is the Philly Tottenham bar. I went to go meet a buddy there, and I was in my Swazi jersey like incognito. His name's Nate Sinai's from what's it called from the top post podcast. I feel like an asshole. I can't remember I'll look it up. We're doing this. But Martin Tottenham was totally in control of this game the entire time. And then they took their foot off the gas. And you know, what happens when you do that? You know, what happens when you do them are in James? Ward Prowse scores a fucking free kick and Winstons game. That's what happens when you take your foot. Oh, top-class finish soccer. My apologies. I just couldn't think of it off the top of my head..

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