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Don't but The The the question to ask myself as if people take the stars that kind of and and we didn't quite get the mix right what I mean. It's not fun to play with. What is the threat? Oh interested in me selling those products. Excuse me right so so just releasing that auks if you were to go on a scale free folk. Tonight's watch did I mean where free folk were. Oh Shit you can't use anything outside the spot right. I mean you've got nothing comes in off. And half of it is just hot garbage with the with the UNIX. Like Cou put giant save on the table hookah. Jauregui right like at all. No never I think. In determines like these raiders. Real good like wh why Brian. And so like it's it's it's disliked toss of did I. Did I generate enough player? Interest with this release that they're going to be excited about the stuff later on if you're smart and if that's what you're thinking about And so I think I think what you do. Is You look at that? As what can we put it alongside this box to widen the amount payable options? So even just like if you did box plus euros one. A WHATEVER. The core unit is like. Let's say if I if I was to go back in time and Redo free folk needed free folk heroes. One AAH may be either. Just more raiders. Something different like. Let's say follow all right. I mean what a difference out gals on or even better magid skin changes in. Here's what we're like. Skin Changer. Increase the value right and raiders. That's what they did with Barack theuns because they did Barath enes hero box instead of doing Barath unit hero box. The unit was the word ends. That's not like a real new unit. But were the Brian's desperately needed that CASS? The BRYANS had an in-built defied. Right right yeah or you literally could if you think about if you think about the previous boxing plot ever limits. There's nothing excluded By virtue of who is leading the army and you had half of cues that box not their house and I mean so like you. You were basically forced into us out of that box where you're not playing with arms but you don't feel like player agency because I didn't get to choose what I took. Yeah that makes sense and so giving giving you giving you that mix of like. Here's at least seven different options. What it does is it just increases the possibility the people feel like they have agency being excited about exploring their options. Because that's Mitchell Reagan's Mitchell rigging means people tinkering right. It's tinkering with lists like chase. If you're to add up the hours of how much time you spend talking about playing. Yeah actually spent playing. As far as I am I am the living embodiment of plays like I play. I probably play more games that year than than any other. I don't know anybody else who could possibly as much as me like a videos coming out almost daily. I usually take a day off now. Have Some Day Sunday as you as the tool. Yeah so like it. It's or it's podcast and so it's it's this like even then. I still probably spend more time getting ready to play thinking about playing talking about products. You WanNa work on talking to. Guests are GONNA come in about a project six months from now you know then that I do actually physically playing. Because and that's I mean that's how that is the Richard that I do every myself paint everything but the other half is that nobody but nobody does right. Does the physical action playing a game as much as they do? You let it and tinkering and so if you're if you're a business and you want to give people actually the most satisfaction is just give them toys to think so. I think you you get a more likely jump off tickets. That's where people get frustrated than right is when they get the breath in players hero box. They'll probably the most frustrated because when things when they struggled to the game they lost their buddy who's got a full army and they have a starter set. There's not as many ways they can tinker with it to be like. Oh if I do this it solved. Yep wanted it never feels good to lead on the neutrals either because the problem is takes the same neutrals blanket. Yeah it was. It was all various Gercy. Count Your Iras. I'll have to take an and now. It's it's these other five point five minutes. I have to take Walter Pray County. You're right like it. It's I think that if there was one thing is that I think that. Just completely go back and reexamine issues so yes. I mean I was going to ask you other things that you'd like to see improved game so if if that's the route then so the problem is that the five point. Nc US you think skew it too much or no. I think I think the problem is that you have. Nc used replacing tabletop units. It's a weird thing right now where it so again. I stand back and I knew the Matrix thing right now. I don't see one zero anymore. I just see the the nature of the blonde redhead's excuse I see I see I see points moving off the board in two nothing. It's it's sucking sucking agency units off the table because only five spots on the typically and change it but typically is only five spots in the board. You have this removal of player agency to a more restricted playing pool. And if I was if I was to go back way back into the beginning if I was just a stripped back I saw always fire and make a wishlist. For second edition it would be that the NC you point pool and the and the army point Thing you play fifty point games and you get in ten point suspended to us and you get points. Yeah that makes sense actually and so all of a sudden you can have five points us because they are really powerful what they do in particular But if the guy is going gonNA eat into half of your allow you know what I mean? One that the tactics sports stocks being so crowded right. Because you're able to take you're taking to five. You only get into period right and the forty three point ends us find their place and it just becomes more of a okay so this is one. This is a separate battlefield I need and you accept Dominates this game. It will actually make assigning point values to the NCAA's easier because you don't have to worry about the siphoning off the battlefield potential. Yeah and it means that battlefield potential too because the problem with either the point five right now is influence over the Game right and you you do not score points as quickly except for cases where Ram directives through. Nc You only score so so you WanNa have a certain amount of like influences games on how many activation is said they are total. Sit there and the problem is the players right now. Have have a a real tendency to to mess up that math by drawing acclamations table out of sport right and I not even by choice because right now the whole wilder Frei thing means that if you don't take them you just can't win right so so you're you're ending up playing like twenty five point. Dame's because you have take these guys that are that are jockeying vision on the tiny sport. If you don't take them you don't activate them first and around. I can't remember.

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