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It's just everywhere enabling every there is like greco roman statues all over the place it's it's to hunt the other statues every with there's so many muscley hunks all over this movie even statues do you think tommy lee jones was like now you will not be showing maher deck most movie do you understand may it's a terrible tonic with jones be guys get the he was uncomfortable with avic is crowd have term halfwits grotesque and huge it's not affected gives it might as well as affecting his shoot to scuttle everywhere it is straight down his body the two face thing also i mean like i i agree with you eric i mean i actually like just sort of both peoples affinity for the ridler comes from the 1960s batman show because prank ocean was so off somebody is like the most visually dynamic character on that show and but to face it as far as pathos with like actually writing a character that you might wanna watch on it on screen he he has all the chops and you put tom lee jones they're like all right like if you're reading wizard magazine in 1994 like so little effect kid gibberish we are entirely counted kennedy flew pressure ready here was caught at richer kimbell if he could catch which are campbell totally catch crap what i mean that's our output myra tabarly counties get it'd be a dad we get cattle flowery galab decided play worries their comic by us deputy barschel dare gerard goat up against talk about a fair friday beauty maddie big show virtually adults number one and links movie i love you no nothing about march that's a good point steve i never thought about that but to face is.

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