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Long time ago in a galaxy far far away was a suburb pool. Lane code in that suburb was a blog that the camera side pecans social media empire. The became a podcast. Welcome to series. Two of the podcast. This is the in the coast podcast. I'm jacky barca founder of the curve. And i'm rob caldo and on jackie sidekick jackie series to can you believe it. I know it's amazing and happy. New year robbed twenty twenty one. Let's hope it's better than twenty twenty messages of safety and hygiene and we're going to keep them happening mascots. It needs time. And in fact we ha- we actually recording most of this is zoom to ensure that we are safe. Jackie and i are in the The sacred bunka the sacred bonker the in the curve sacred bunker keeping out distance however way of excited for what's going to happen in the podcast way to speak to some really interesting lanc locals and if you know anyone who you think is riveting please let us know by dropping mayonnaise mallet info in the cove dot com dot. Au now the series one. The first five episodes still available on spotify on appalachians and of course on the in the card slot lease right reviewed. Have listen let us know your thoughts. We tunnel improved him every time. But we can only do that. Now that you're that that's right and we've got some exciting things coming where we're going to get a bit more interaction with our audience. A stay tuned for that. Jackie this is as i said boy episode one of series with might to the second series. What are we got planned for today. Rob with got a very exciting decide going to speak to lane cove about some books. I've published which target the teens and tweens and we'll be really interesting for parents. Also get involved in i. We're gonna speak to jackie jones. She's wonderful all right. Kinloss lies unemployed. Talking to her. We're also going to speak to mick lewinsky's who has written a book called. She's building a robot. I look forward saying built a robot walking through lane cove at look on as an advocate for stem for women in for girls and for him saying what happens in the code stays in the curve in the code news. Jackie what's been happening in the coast. Well rob some very slotting stuff. The all the restaurants in the canopy now open with sunset. Donna being the last one to open and the place is robin absolutely rocking. And i have been very very excited about bringing some of my friends who don't live in lane cove to come and eaten lanker and not just the canopy at the other restaurants that have that have been numb. Inland co for years. We ought to spread. I love around. Look it's time in who is still at the end of summer approaching australia day and we really won't pay to not cook at and go to the restaurants in a safe conduct. Why some great stuff to eight. Well look thing about restaurants in council has come on board. Is that now owned. At door areas that link council used to charge a licence-fee announced free which enables everyone avow nearly everyone vow lane cove restaurants and cafes to have an outdoor area. What else has been happening. Say two words boarding houses. Boarding houses have been the go-to development in lane cove with aged care. But at the start of the year the first development application lodged with cove council was another boardinghouse development at forty-seven a pen right. Straight lanker cove west. Jackie for the uninitiated. What is a boarding house. Well i'm glad you asked her out because they're a boarding houses not as we knew it as we grew up then now called the next generation boarding houses. They are not ones where you would say. People who need affordable a homeless as such. they are now by students people so what what it is is that the whole concept of boarding has very different and boarding houses a now being used by developers to become a very easy way to develop apartment like living without having to go through all the hoops for apartments. Now the new south wales department of planning has reviewed this and Looking at making some changes because one of the things that boarding houses was supposed to be where you would have affordable housing but the not affordable for the people who need them and so they looking into that but in the interim there have been numerous applications in lane cove. Not all of them have been approved some half but the the next one is the is forty seven eight penrose street which is next to the celtics. Seven station on ben's by road so it'll look it's interesting. It's the way society's changing. I mean another office. Structures in the city is changing different Urban designs changing. It'll be interesting to see how boarding houses affects the dynamics within lane cove depends on how many people using it. But let's see what happens with that any other big issues in line cove. Well rob as happens every year. We have what. I call it dumping season starting so in january every year. People decide that it's time to clean out and declawed and that's a great thing about. We have saying a lot of dumping around the charity beans. And that's just not on there. So many different ways to get rid of unwanted autumn's that people just have to be a little bit more creative and i've written an article called the head on recycling. Inland cove will put a link to it in the notes on this podcast episode You need to make sure that you investigate. Different ways of of getting rid of of unwanted items and by using the desert it resort recycling. You're actually ensuring that things are going to landfill very sokoll. Langkow council does have four free council. Pick up a year now. That's great and we should all use them however anything that the land council picks up does go straight into landfill so what you need to do is have a look at the eighties. It on recycling. And see how you can repurpose a lot of the stuff that we're funding dumped outside the charity beans. Look i think it's just about bringing all these things front and center and being cognizant of not just saying it goes in the beans in. It's not my worry anymore. I think we all have to be aware. We just changed the The batteries in the in the code podcast microphone set up and i know that in the bunker. We've got a special Special battery recycling center. We do. I've got this box that then when it's full. I then take it to the community. Recycling center at Ottoman and. I'll give it to them when we getting rid of out any waste so stop dumping start recycling in the hot topics. Jackie what are some of the issues happening in line code this year well rob inland cove. And in fact all the new south wales council elections being held in september. Twenty twenty one if you are interested in becoming pass of local democracy in your community the now's the time to start thinking.

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