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Home and then around the windows and a few other decorative areas they put drive it in and we're having such a problem with the woodpeckers and they packed the hole and then all the other birds come in and make the holes huge I didn't know if there's anything we could do to get rid of these woodpeckers Sir woodpeckers are tough as they now are like squirrels once they find a place they keep coming back the the way to think through this Cheryl is a predator some of those woodpeckers you know the big P. lated would be how they're protected species you can't in all right anything with them but you can still scare on quite substantially with an owl or a hawk a snake I've even been to a home one of my most interesting visits I was I want to see someone and they lived up above the Merrimack River down in the valley park area and I was at the door and it was how the middle of the woods I need warehouse which to where we could Packers would rule the roost literally and I was hearing this hawk sound he had wired the outside of his home with little speakers underneath the overhangs to where he had a CD that played this recording and he had a wood cedar hall but I so what you know so I went in and we talked for my so what what is that that's pretty clever and he was an I. T. guy so he just Wierd this thing up and that was the only way he could get the woodpeckers was make a sound and then he had to change the sound so it went from an owl two a hawk to a different species of hawk but anyway the point is whatever a predator is for that creator in your case a woodpecker wherever those places are I would post you know owl or hawk or something like that you have to move them around because mother nature's pretty smart that you have a plastic Ali does move in a year and a half they just come back the holes in it go at it again so well I tried it we've tried the owl and we've tried to snakes but I don't know maybe we'll do that you know this sounds and maybe that'll work yeah they are destructive well it with you've got to drive it to fall it is so easy to penetrate that is a really good surface and it's great for insulation and all that you know poking a hole in that foam on the exterior is not difficult so it's got a little quarter inch thickness of plaster and then then it's into that phone so right yeah that's tough once if you could call you know somebody like a you.

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