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Is CBS news on the hour your home for original reporting I'm Pam Coulter in Washington New York City has recorded more coronavirus destined the number of people killed in the nine eleven attacks but there are encouraging signs intensive care admissions and ventilator use weighed down according to governor Andrew Cuomo social distancing is working when you shut down all the businesses I know when you shut down all the schools I know but it is working that's why you see those numbers coming down if we were doing the same rate of interaction those numbers would still be going up a crew member on the navy hospital ship docked in New York has tested positive for the virus CBS's Cammy McCormick with more department of defense had just announced it would begin the admitting coronavirus cases when the crew member tested positive the navy says it will have no impact on the comforts mission and this ship is taking precautions to ensure the health and safety of its crew and patients on board there's concern about a racial disparity in virus cases more than two thirds of all people who died with covert nineteen in Louisiana are black we are saying the disparity because right now slightly more than seventy percent of all of our deaths are among African Americans we've got a governor John bel Edwards says only thirty two percent of the state's residents are black so obviously this is a big disparity and we're going to try to figure out what that is attributable to and what what we can do about that as as quickly as possible the state has hypertension and diabetes are huge factors Dave going for CBS news New Orleans the US economy is taking a beating during the outbreak but White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow says we are looking to re open the economy as soon as we can but we gotta get a green light from the health folks is no question about that a spike in virus cases led Japan's prime minister to to declare a monthlong stated from say CBS is Ramy Inocencio in Tokyo it's spring graduation season and one university use remote controlled robots that's right robots the lead students to graduate from the safe and social distance of their homes those avatars were dressed in caps and gowns and each robot had a tablet of course with each of the students faces as Wisconsin voters go to the polls another big endorsement for Democrat Joe Biden George's John Lewis said Biden is best suited to redeem the country be set by what he called the deepest and darkest forces as the man a man who on Wall Street the Dow is up four.

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Aired On Tuesday, April 07, 6 PM, On KNX 1070 NEWSRADIO.

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