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Music soon but but you don't watch people not wearing their mass ambi going all crazy ways. It's like okay. I guess we'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA. We're going to not worry about this very much. So you worry about it rest. Don't list don't don't WanNa take doing I wanted to. I was like you know what your y'all ain't doing it. Then you know what I'm about her I don't know I don't have it and I'm not going to give it to anybody so I one hand on my my kiss mass and I'm like look take it off. I'm going to take it off. I wait now of course I wait until I got into the parking lot and I did it. Go get an AR. Fifteen and sit in front of the governor's house body gear and sit there and say you can't. You can't tell me what you do. I'll shoot up the sky manner. You GotTa do the Gym Workout One. We're GONNA do a bunch of pushups and work out in front of him. But you're not that one. You're not that our story overnight. A quarantine fatigue is real and and I'm reading this from my my my news overnight. It says Americans aren't getting unified advice from the federal government. So what they're doing is just improvising. That means taking away many way too many chances regardless of the status of the virus according now this this is what got me with this story. It says here and I didn't write this guys. I'm reading it all right. According to Cell. Phone Data Wow. You wouldn't think that's one of the ways that they're that they're monitoring people but according to Cell Phone Data Twenty five million more. Americans left their homes every day. Last week Then the previous weeks before the average percentage of people saying staying home was around thirty six thirty six percent of drop from forty. Three percent The the week before for a staying home but but in the crazy part of that story I thought was is a cellphone phone data. That's how they're monitoring who stay at home and who isn't staying at home the crazy well. We gave up all of our private information. How I gave up all my private information the other day for a coupon APP. I mean it just what we sign up and we scroll scroll scroll except I need to get me this Wendy's APP because the other corner rusty. Yeah the other part of that is that I mean your cell phones just a normal day-to-day are paying off of different towers. And that's other attract information. No I don't I know you didn't toward that's one of the ways. They're testing at the at the peak of the stay at home order. Forty-three percent of people were staying at home. And now we're at thirty six percent of people that are staying at home and this is twenty five million. More Americans left their homes every day last week. then Then the week before the next wave is GONNA head. I mean it's GonNa hit. It's happened in every other country. Do you know that one state has actually followed the CDC guideline now one st the one that there was a big presentation with Nice. Big Poster Boards and Fancy powerpoint and Dr Brick that their fancy scarf with like these are things to do in order to actually make sure the country open safe and then everybody starts willy. Nilly doing whatever the hell they want. It's like okay. Just forget about them and it is a wild west in that sense but just protect your own yeah. The World Health Organization issued a warning yesterday and they said listen. This virus may never go away and we're going to have to learn to live with it like we had to learn to live with. Hiv HIV is not gone away. But we'd come to terms with the virus and and that's what they're thinking is going to happen with with a corona virus. Now there's been born. They don't know if they can get rid of it so Hiv. It's like okay if you didn't use needles and if you didn't have unprotected sex daddy much are not gonna get HIV unfortunate some blood transfusions. You have family members Russia. That happened with as well. Yeah and that. That's that's dangerous but this is like going to the grocery store and some Douche coughing on you and and you get it and I'm listening to the grocery store where full-body role body come. You don't WanNa wear. I'm where my t rex an inflatable that. I got him Halloween two years ago everywhere because as close the has Matsui. I don't care yeah. It's nice scary. People Social Distance and fun it the same way. Here's something else that organizations talked about and this is I think Applies directly to you. Ryan homes This pandemic should and may will may and should change the way. We use toilets forever. It says here that when you know when you flush the toilet you're supposed to close the lid to the toilet since flushing lid can Shootout tons of droplets And also can you know Infect you from Corona virus because the water droplets poop had everything. Go in the air when you play toilet. The reason there's a lid for the toilet is so you close it when you flush in my life never flash it? It says here that you're gonNA start seeing lids for public toilets With no touch flushing And then also more space between all because they say that is. That's one of the places where you get a lot of possibility of catching krona virus. So close in the lead is important and there needs to come out of the mythbusters episode for this because there's still a at a level of air that can get through between the first seat and the lid but there's a lot better shot if you close the lid and plus the toilet so it's Kinda like wearing the mask still that barrier. I'm not wearing a mask in public toilets. Not Wearing a mask at home. This is America flush toilet and it's up it shoots tons of droplets if there was any corona virus. Someone's maybe you go to the bathroom like a hamster tiny square pellets. And they just go sink right to the bottom okay. Have Your toothbrush like on your countertop in the bathroom the toilet no no drop you. Don't keep your toothbrush in your bathroom bathroom. But it's far away like it's it's actually in the linen closet which has a little section just for the toothbrush because I want anywhere near the toilet. That's ridiculous you're weakening your immune system okay. Everybody knows that you get stronger with doodoo mouth. So now we know that you don't flaws and you have doodoo mouth just self proclaimed that Ryan brushing his teeth poop crafts now. I don't know I don't. I haven't really used that toilet lid until I had to come and work here. So that's crazy to make because that is such a woman thing like I remember being a single guy and not using and then my wife coming and be like. Are You an animal? Do you understand that? This kind of savage argue that. Where have you been living in the jungle and on my own? She's like you said it down and I can't help but you know shut the lid. Now who do I as I'm sitting? I flush as I'm sitting. Oh no no because then you get then you get that by fun. Bursting air came to this. Saturday is blocking what's happening in entertainment. You're you're telling me that you flush the toilet wire so sitting on the tour and you're looking at why nats would fly around your buttocks. That's not real and I immediately take a shower at four. I go over how how? How close DUTREUIL. I'm the Hud Button at route. Don't plow bottle those those are the gross. This is how you feel. When you're that postponed the toilet mom Neymar none of that. I mean you're supposed to stand up class. You did not have a class and going to the bathroom when you have a bathroom glass. You don't allow us when you're sitting down. Whatever Doodoo or whatever the the water droplets go up and they're all over your butt right all of your taint a bug. Take a shower after you go to the bathroom. You had never taken a shower here. I've never gone a number to here to every time you go on number two everytime you go number two you take a shower. Yes yes I would like to really break his balls on this one but I had a roommate. That did that but we all know that was crazy..

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