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Who ridic muster uses nationhood as a means by which to create a horrific a holocaust and then some somehow all nationhood or any national pride is now a bad thing this is this is the absurd to that we've reached anyway i'm very press with this that the major economies are going in second i think part of the reason why is that it look the economy the kind of the world economy is always dependent upon expectations right if you create a world where there is instability or their more importantly there is uncertainty you're a konomi will suffer i think that the election of donald trump has created far more certainty in the american economy which has dovetailed and sicken iced to use that were very well with other economies that straight right i this is this is something that i i just i think our friends on the left have no idea what's going on i have no idea how the and yet the opine over and over again about the way the world should be i i i guarantee you that ninety eight percent of your friends in the left have not even taken one economics class that university or otherwise they have no idea what supply and demand means they have no idea about the consequences of policies but they'll tell you what they what you should do with your lives oh yeah they'll tell you how to run your business how your employer should should pay every employee a certain amount of money all right well we get back we'll talk a little bit more about what was happening a california catholic schools hillary's book recent book audiotape and it's it's very fascinating and that of course our theme why we tiptoe around radical islam the answer may not be as complicated as you thick eight six six eight seventy five seven five to eight six six eight seven zero five seven five tim don't go away.

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