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Atlantis News and to its two o'clock afternoon I'm Christiane will live in the WSB 24 hour News center President Biden to speak shortly after meetings with other world leaders. He is in Belgium for the NATO's Summit. This is the second leg of his first international trip as president, NATO leaders today declared that China poses a constant security challenge and is working to undermine global order. They say in a statement. They're worried about how quickly the Chinese are developing nuclear missiles. Looking further ahead, cyberattacks and ransomware two of the issues the White House says the president will bring up with Russian President Putin Wednesday in Geneva. I'm Stephen Portnoy. The president has vowed to press Vladimir Putin here in Geneva on Ukraine. Ukrainians have a strong belief that Joe Biden Has their back Andre Lucien. It's key leads the Ukrainian Society of Switzerland. Since the war has begun in Ukraine. You have more than 14,000 dead, and the government says a million and a half people have been displaced. The president has stopped short of backing Ukraine's bid to join NATO despite the renewed urging of his counterpart in Kiev, But Mr Biden has invited Vladimir Zelensky to the White House this summer. 89 degrees on Peachtree Street at 21, WSB meteorologist Kurt Mellows has low nineties isolated storm possible this afternoon. Atlanta's most accurate and dependable forecast is coming up The Hawks tonight look to bounce back and even up their Eastern Conference semifinal matchup with the Sixers coach Nate McMillan knows what's on the line tonight. You win the game guarantees that You will have another game and you're building it becomes a new series. So that's our focus center Clint Capela says. They've been studying film and the Hawks need to become the aggressor, especially the way that our defense feeds on offense and the speed that we get into it, he says. It's time to switch into what he calls emergency mode, especially on defense. Game four tips off around 7 30 tonight in front of a sold out Atlanta crowd. Jessica Bottom. 95.5 WSB has breaking news 1st 1st This is WSB 24 hour Continuing news Reality winner is out of prison at his press statement from her lawyer this afternoon, which sites time earned and.

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