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Like self observation more intuitively and other people like it may take additional practice I know from me. Doing, a ton of Yoga and a ton of meditation and really studying Buddhist literature and stuff like that with super helpful for me and being able to just come to more of a place of mindfulness essentially where I can like. Step outside myself in notice like thoughts. I'm having the feelings I'm having and try not to attached to it all too much but the young, he was a lot of really exciting stuff coming out with psychedelics. My intend to I was supposed to do I walk like next week but council Oh. Yeah I know. so that eyebrows like whatever it's all part of the universal plan. So I'll let you know when I have like my more intense Peruvian experience this one was like the Brazilian way. What's. The difference. So. I mean. I have people that I can recommend you speak to I won't say their name over the podcast I don't think they'd want me to, but they're experts on it. Because I, am certainly not an expert on it but. I think the the Brazilian way is a lot more like like it actually still legal in Brazil because it's like a, they use it as a religious I don't know what the term would be a religious like substance of sorts, and so it's very much like like were you know probably eighty of us and we all were waiting like you know music was played. It was a very sort of like. Celebratory Gi like positive experience and I think the Peruvian way is a lot more. You know that's near kind of more individual Shaman take you through it and And like you're lying down on a yoga mat or whatever, and you're closing your eyes whereas this in this case, it was more like a group experience. Okay. But the drug is the same. Yeah I think it's pretty much. The same might be like a slight difference, but it's essentially the same thing. As. So fascinating. Is that.

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