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You covered There's someday in the future We might the white people in America might elect a black president Do you think that's going to happen You know Eric that's something that seems so far fetched doesn't it It doesn't seem possible because the racist whites will never go for that You understand that seal Not the race is white people who could elect the first black person And I guess that they want it to Those racist white people could elect the first black president in the future Eric if in fact they could ever get their act together and that racist I just don't see it happening I just think you're being way too optimistic So we've had a black president and that black president brought into ideas that you are outing as anti black This is the irony isn't it In other words that we're being told these are these are a good ideas These are bad ideas These are black ideas Well ironically anybody with cultural Marxist view or a leftist view BLM at the top of the list their ideas are harmful to blacks but somehow because of the way the media goes they're able to act as though this is what black people say This is what they want Same thing with a woman's movement The women's March the day after Trump was inaugurated It was the it was not a women's march It was an anti Trump march But minority groups in this country they sort of ally with the left and saying we speak for black people We speak for women You know that Al sharpton doesn't speak for your average black but somehow he has been able to get away with pushing that idea You see what we need to understand and realize wake up too Eric is this If antifa or Black Lives Matter or Al sharpton for that matter is right then Rosa Parks medgar Evers and doctor Martin Luther King even Malcolm X they have to be wrong There's a stolen valor that's going on in America today One of the things that I really despise and hate is when someone says that they served in our nation's uniform as a soldier and then is found out that they were not That stealing the valor of those who wear the uniform And this is what you are seeing in those movements we've just named like BLM and antiphon and even the Al sharpton of this world They are stealing valor from those who actually did pay the price There is some twisted idea that you can relive The civil rights movement no That room of the past that I mentioned and just a moment to a go We like to spend a lot of time in that room of the past All of us do We have three rooms that all of us live in but that's the one we love to spend time in is that room with the past And there's not a picture There's not a piece of furniture There's not a moment that you can change in that room of the past Why do they want to keep us trapped there Why do they want to keep us thinking about that When you're thinking about that the pain you don't think about that child that is yours That wife that has born that child of that woman that is born that child when you're thinking about how much pain and suffering you've been through to get you you feel like you almost deserve to leave them to their own pain and suffering And that's where liberals socialists Democrats have led the black community but there is an awakening that is going on as we speak And I thank you that you allow me this opportunity to speak on this platform because it is something that need to be heard I do believe And it is a conversation that need to be had We are talking to CL Bryant the film is runaway slave Much else don't go away Don't care Hey folks I've got to tell you a secret about relief factor that the father son owners Pete and Seth Talbott have never made a big deal about but I think it is a big deal I really do They sell the three week quick start pack for just 1995 to anyone struggling from pain like neck shoulder back hip or knee pain 1995 about $1 a day But what they haven't broadcasted much is that every time they sell a three week quick start they lose money In fact they don't even break even until about four to 5 months after if you keep ordering it Friends that's huge People don't keep ordering relief factor month after month if it doesn't work So yes Pete and Seth are literally on a mission to help as many people as possible deal with their pain They really do put their money where their mouths are So if you're in pain from exercise or even just getting older or the three.

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