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Then the five year old needs everything and of course the one year old sleeping on mom. So mom can't do anything. I'm doing a show after run down there. She's don't you have a living care. Live in our pair you got you got you got gold. Bold money indulge ever stored away in guesthouse. A this rarely happens. Dude what seven. Somebody started this kid alive. Stop being a little devil. Oh well look at her father all right look at the mirrors look at it. That's way ninety nine percent of the time she's little angel now for go to the phones here trail much of a blue like take. Here's my review of the first Forty minutes of awa elevations dark because this was a fine program. We had orange cassidy and chuck taylor versus ryan. Nemeth and jd drake. This opener was better than anything on raw judy. Drake is i like this. Jd drake fella. Yeah listen if you don't like orange cassidy than miserable. Turn off the show because they had the funniest spot which wasn't even a spot has an orange cassidy match for most of the naming a big comeback at the end but so they're in there and Jd drake tags in and so orange cassidy wants the tag. So he gets a tag gets in the ring he looks at jd. Drake jd. Drake is a husky pale hairy man any looks at him and he turns around and he tags out i was crying. I was crying with laughter every match. I ever had right there. Get in there and you look at the guy and you're like what did i. What did i put my gear on for. Anyway that was awesome and then drake got pinned by the orange punch as greatly entertained by this. And then afterwards kip miro penelope. That came out. They cut a promo for the arcade gimmick like that and then Maryland sabian jump cassidy and and chuck afterwards. They lay him out. So if you don't know this show you elevation dark. Yes it is. It is a two and a half hour show. That's about eighty five matches okay but if you watch the show. The show is written like tv show very long when mind you but their matches their angles and essentially in sometime in the next year. So they're going to get a third hour. And i do not mean like. Aws going to be three hours long on wednesday wednesdays. We're gonna get another hour for at some point during the week on tnt or tbs so this is basically tony. Kahn's way of practicing writing another show every week as opposed to just a bunch of matches. It's like a bunch of dark matches. It means nothing so. He's already working in preparing when they get the next hour. So if you see angles on this show or storylines. It's nothing where you have to watch elevation like they shot an angle for the arcade match. But i mean it's not like if you didn't see the angle it matters at all i mean you can still watch. They got beat up again. It was it was just a it was nothing you needed to see but if you watched it you got a little something extra jon moxley. Be bill collier. This was also a fun match. Because you know jon. Moxley goes in there and he gets blown up thumb tacks. Barb wire brawling violence they went in there and They were less thatcher's. Jim did a wrestling match two in all sorts of wrestling and old school wrestling spots. And stuff you never. Jon moxley do and they just had a fun match and then obviously a jon moxley one and that was that penelope ford beat layla gray which was totally fine pro wrestling match. And you know we don't see a lot of that's the thing about the show if you watch dynamite and you're like man ever seen penelope ford have imagined like eight months. Well i mean you watch match watch right here and everyone's getting better and it was good gun. Clubbers rex lawless and milk chocolate. This gun club. Let me tell you something they tell you something. They're good holton. Colton is very good and the other brother is. What's the brothers. Name austin austin the one that's really good anyway. I mean between his it. I don't know the parts they receive on dynamite but like the brothers are. The brothers are both good what is better than the other one. That's that's all you need to know. But he's good like this could be a very good team here very soon and billy gunn. It was six man. So billy gunn gets in there and he. He does nothing but he does everything that he needs to do. And it's all about sitting things up for his sons to look great so this was a fun match and then we had Alex marvez interviewing thunder rosa. And she's talking about the Talk about the brubaker mansion. There's obviously more coming out of that. And then diamante shows up and they go back and forth to set up a match for later on. That's far as i got. I watched it after on monday night. But i heard a lot of stuff i didn't see was good including you'll be stunned to hear. This was good. Frankie kazarian.

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