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Report is brought to you by Trump Card on video and on demand October night. Let's take a look at your drive on the 1 10 full south l A on the 1 10 North and Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard. There is somebody that broke down here right in the middle of the freeway. So that's why your drive is extra heavy coming away from Manchester, Montana on the westbound tensions past year, a left lanes blocked with an injury crash. I expect that to start to stack up right at Riverside Avenue K if I and this guy is sponsored by injury, attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com Jeff with conditions in the San Fernando Valley, you better as a matter of fact, we're just fine over ST Joe's surgery and all the studios Disney and Walk Brothers. The westbound drives pretty good, really get a little slow around Hollywood way too slow. Going over towards the 1 71 on one in our change. Carpooling is looking real good. So just little bit spoke, Uh, eastbound drive down coming away from the 111 70 over towards the I five. Yeah, it's all clear all the way we came down the four or five across the valley. It's still in pretty good shape. So from Victory Boulevard, going uphill and downhill into West L. A In the 1 18 around the five in the four or five. It's all pretty good shape. Enjoy. Be careful entered it. And actually, this is superwoman super lawyer dot com Jeff Bark a F I in the sky. Africa sponsored by eye accident lawyer dot com Flying this guy help get you there Faster. I'm robbing Banks. Settlement alert. 3.395 Million for motorcycle victims suffering severe injury to left ankle Rip fracture injury because you hate one attorney, Robert Cockney results very not guarantee on will be a failed to yield on daytime accident. Homeowners. When's the last time you thought about your house payment? Does it just automatically come out of your checking account every month? And you don't think much about it If you even know what your interest rate is on your home loan. I bet you don't. But I do know of a way that you could save money every.

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