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Administration's calling for the release of a private military contractor from Lombard is reportedly being held in captivity in Afghanistan Mike Fredericks was abducted by a militant faction of the Taliban earlier this year it's the first time the trump administration has made public statements about Frerichs it's not the first time the administration's gotten involved the Associated Press reports that U. S. navy seal team tried to track the whereabouts of Fredericks and set him free shortly after he was abducted back in January stepped up efforts to increase code nineteen testing in Illinois and with the corona virus outbreak at meat processing plants is a big concern but also at nursing homes or jails the governor Pritzker says the state now ranks second among the most populous states when it comes to daily testing numbers what I has made important and measurable progress in growing our daily test numbers for the first time exceeding twenty thousand tests the governor praising one of the test sites in just west of Peoria just this week radisys lab set up a drive through test site to test every single employee at Smithfield foods in Monmouth Illinois governor calls widespread testing one of the cornerstones of its five phase plan to re open businesses on a large scale testing is fundamental to our ability to reopen the economy while controlling the spread of the virus that's what it takes to keep the public safe the latest jobs report shows more Americans are unemployed than they have been since the Great Depression WGN Shannon how we get reports in April alone twenty point five million jobs were lost marking the worst monthly loss on record the national unemployment rate dipped from three point five percent in February to four point four percent in March and dropping to a staggering fourteen point seven percent last month that's all since the start of the corona virus pandemic and the subsequent shutdown of the national economy a judge is expected to issue a ruling as early as next week in a lawsuit that seeks a restraining order against governor Pritzker stay at home order it was filed on behalf of two churches even Romanian Pentecostal in Chicago and logos Baptist ministries and Nile the suit claims the orders violating the rights of both congregations to worship this governor has just simply wipe them off the map there's a real problem what do you mean church is not essential that maybe the governor's point of nearby churches are very essential he's Matthew Staver with liberty counsel a nonprofit law firm that litigated cases related to Christian values he argues churches should have the same right to open that grocery and liquor stores enjoy governor Pritzker says he's not ready to re open restaurants in phase three of his plan to restore Illinois because it's very difficult to socially distance as between a server and the food the server the food and delivery of the food to the table it's also difficult even to see people at tables the way their normal the configured to governor says he supports the only restaurant association's efforts for federal funds to support restaurants during the pandemic same toy as president of the Illinois restaurant association he says safety's first but restaurants are hemorrhaging right so we don't know how long this is going to be but no business model can last third world thirty year with no income or only twenty percent of our income so that is our concern again he's calling upon the federal government to kick in money for restaurants as part of the next phase of stimulus money delta airlines is temporarily pulling service at ten airports including midway in Chicago WGN Triborough delta airlines says it's suspending service at ten airports across the United States starting may thirteenth to minimize covert nineteen exposure risk while customer traffic is low service at the airports including midway will be suspended until September delta reduced its schedule eighty five percent in the second quarter delta is also pulling out of San Francisco LA acts in Los Angeles and JFK in New York rubber of WGN news a judge has refused to dismiss charges against actress Lori Loughlin and her husband in a college admissions cheating case Associated Press correspondent Mike Garcia a federal judge has rejected a bid to dismiss charges against actress Lori Loughlin fashion designer husband Mossimo G. a newly and other high profile parents in the so called operation varsity blues case the defendants are fighting charges of cheating the college admissions process by paying to have their children enrolled Laughlin and you're newly are charged with paying five hundred thousand dollars to get their daughters into the university of southern California as crew recruits even though neither girl was a roller defense attorneys sought dismissal of the charges alleging misconduct by FBI agents in the case Lachlan energy and nuclear scheduled to go on trial in October hi Mike Rossi up WGN sports handful of NBA practices that were held Friday at team facilities the legal put things back up for workouts on a voluntary basis the Chicago Bulls are locked out of the United center due to a standing stay at home order former Chicago Bears quarterback Mike Glennon has agreed to terms with the jag wire still be a back up the Clintons also played for Arizona and Oakland over the past three years NASCAR's cancelling races over public health concerns at Chicago land speed wait Richmond Raceway and sent over speedway on Vic Vaughn on Chicago's very own seven twenty WGN switch.

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