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Storm team ten meteorologist Zac greens forecast today. Morning sunshine, gorgeous, sunrise this morning to afternoon clouds with a high of forty six and it's going to build into morning showers on Saturday with steadier rain throughout the rest of the day. We could get up to an inch of rainfall with a high of forty four degrees Sunday looks like the the better of the two days. Obviously, partly sunny breezy with a high of forty eight degrees right now is holding steady at just thirty five. Providence journal's Brian Amaral says the foxy ladies going to reopen pending an appeal foxy lady strip club allowed to reopen as it appeals the decision to close it permanently. That's what the Rhode Island supreme court ruled on Thursday. So with that order, the high court gave the club. It's entertainment licensed back on agreed to take up the case for full arguments in April, they're hopeful. However, the two sides. Little mediation can be going on. In the meantime, the chalk stone avenue club, which was ordered closed the day after three prostitution arrests back there on December. The eleventh is going to be allowed to operate again. Just without the VIP area. Because that's apparently allegedly. We're all the no nonsense happened. I guess so foxy lady was on the city board of licenses agenda on Thursday night. But was pulled at the request of the club. Just before the state supreme court ruling came down court's decision. Also referred the case to mediation. Now, that's always a sign that the courts prodding both sides encouraging them to settle their differences ruling gave the club its food licensed back as well. The liquor license was not before the supreme court. So that was wasn't on their agenda. Now, a spokesperson for providence, mayor Elorza. That's Emily Crowley. She said that the city has reached out to the department of business. Regulation for clarification on what the supreme court decision means for the liquor license asked if the police department's gonna take some extra measures to monitor the foxy lady crawl said that the police. Would evaluate that decision and will determine how to appropriately respond within the coming days city leaders said the club was in the words of a police major of prostitution parlor. So this thing actually could be lingering all the way until April unless the two sides can come to some kind of an agreement through mediation, Rhode Island reaches a critical milestone in the U hip turnaround effort, apparently as we hear from Susan Campbell. From eyewitness news nearly one hundred sixty thousand Rhode Islanders receive snap benefits. Almost all of them are getting those benefits on time. The achievement of this helps us achieve Oliver other state goals right kids can't learn in school, they're hungry. And so ensuring families have access to reliable benefits to help them to feed. Their families is really really critical in December twenty sixteen the ACLU sue DHS in federal court over issues with snap benefits. According to a settlement. The state is required to process. Ninety six percent of snap. Applications. Within federally mandated time lines in October DHS hit that benchmark for the first time compare that to November twenty seventeen when only fifty five percent of snap. Applications were processed on time to go from fifty five percent to ninety six percent is a huge accomplishment. According to data provided by the state November numbers dipped slightly to ninety five percent. I think there will be small ups and downs because the level of perfection we have to achieve this is pretty significant. But I think the technology and the operational improvements. We've made will allow us to very safely be around that bench work into the future in his most recent report, the court appointed special master who's overseeing the state snap benefits program said the objective now is to maintain the time timeliness percentages, which I am confident that the S has both the technology and ability to do Susan Campbell from. I witness news nineteen after seven o'clock. Brutal day on Wall Street yesterday stocks plunged again after Apple's report a day earlier that revenue for the last quarter of two thousand eighteen would not need projections. Due to a drop in iphone sales, particularly in China. Now, this news we're talking about this yesterday and that number down nine to ten percent. And we knew it we're gonna take our lumps on Wall Street yesterday. Dow Jones industrial average closing down six hundred sixty points technology companies had their biggest loss two and seven years Apple's revenue with the warning stoke fears that China's economy is weakening, and that the trade war between the United States and China is certainly exasperated the problem. So the Dow's fall six hundred sixty points, the futures right now from the Bloomberg market minute suggests that we will open up two hundred and fifty points up thumbs up on the Dow Jones industrials, but we know how that's changing throughout. The course of the day is all the volatility on Wall Street who knows seven twenty this.

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