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So my own provisioning in this in this sense is that they will certainly provide evidence of the palestinians. I have no doubt about this. I'm in. I could imagine that they would provide evidence in this matter. And perhaps they. We tried to block the procedure Through complementarity ya'll chantal sharon and other people. I've been speaking to all had so much more to say i mean. There is an enormous depth of research. Been done in. This area are loads of people concerned. We know that there's a lot to discuss on how expectations again to be managed for example. What the practical difficulties around the investigations. But we thought we also just discussed some of the more mundane stuff. Let's just stop. What about the timing of this decision. What did you think steph. Well in a way it was surprise to me because first of all the court broke what journalists here called the friday night curse where every kind of major decision of the court seems to come on fridays after six pm so we were all very happy that this came through on a regular Wednesday on the other hand. I had kind of You know when you work for big news agency you always have these kind of lert up that if you have to send super speed reports you kind of always have them on top of your computering case. This decision comes out. And i had taken the been. Souda opens an investigation into palestine. Alert off the computer. Because i thought that she would possibly wait for the new prosecutor kareem. Khan whose due to come in june sixteenth and maybe they wouldn't announce anything new before he could look at it and say yes. Go ahead or no and the other thing we should mention. In ben sued statement is that it was actually full of caveats full of warnings reminders. That not much might actually happen. Maybe until cream kong comes in because basically. She says she's got no resources. There might also be a load of other things. that might need to be litigated. I mean all we've got so far. Is this agreement that for the purposes of the investigation palestine can be regarded as an area that the office of the prosecutor can can work work on so a lot of ways even though she's opened the investigation. She's essentially just said okay. It's now going to be over to you. Kareem khan placing him in the hotseat. Yeah before Con was elected. There was a kind of whisper campaign that maybe he would be more reluctant to go against major powers such as the us Which is very opposed to this israel investigation. So we'll have to see how that plays out but in any case you know any of those four investigation usually take years before cases actually end up in court and we don't expect anything to happen really quickly with this. So good luck to kareem khan because the workload he faces is going to be enormous. As ben souda keeps on launching new probes will definitely get have quite a lot of work for us as well as reporters. Yeah which is good because my cats have just started eating only expensive dry food for quote unquote exigent cats. So i need the work to fund my cats new dietary habits. Okay investigations four. Stephanie's cat may thanks very much and we'll come back to palestine again. Sure in the future. This will be a case that will go on for many years. So there'll be lots and lots more justice updates.

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