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But you're with you inside of Granger Studio Sunday got his own halftime report. Philadelphia led by eight at the end of one, they put the clamps down in the shock it they led by as many as 18 points. Tobias Harris has got 14 Joelle MB He has, 13 says Curry's Got 13 lead is 13.60 to 49, giving the first half highlights coming up the story, though in the other Eastern Conference semifinal series between the Bucks and the Nets, with the series tied 22 is that for tomorrow night's Game five Still no James Harden for Brooklyn but now no Kyrie Irving out tomorrow night with the right ankle sprain Nets head coach Steve Nash earlier today, it's tough to lose. You know great players, but we've we've lost guys off season. So there's any silver lining is that we've continued to win games this year regardless of who has been available, Um we've been able to adapt on the fly, which is difficult to do sometimes. But for us, that's something we we've had some experience with that We should have some comfort and belief that No matter who plays we can still perform and play well and very difficult to beat. So I'm excited for our guys. Great opportunity, no matter who plays to play in a really big playoff game at home and and improved from Alaska, added Steve Nash, the head coach of the Brooklyn Nets, So he's excited. Not sure how many other feel the same way. It is. 22 series earlier tonight on the six o'clock SportsCenter L. Duncan hosting with Malika Andrews, ESPN Net reporter And ESPN NBA analyst Kendrick Perkins Malika, I'll start with you. I know you've been covering this season this series rather from Brooklyn to Milwaukee and the season as well. But how are the Nets weighing this injury to Curry while also monitoring James Harden and his injured hamstring? Of our well, the next big three like you mentioned, it's really been whittled down to one just Kevin Durant. You mentioned that MRI that he had. That's what confirmed that he sprained his right ankle as we saw in Game four, and Steve Nash said today that he has quote no idea when and if Kyrie Irving.

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