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His favre five two two five to one son. Strike five to one value theory. Fifteen to should be more and fourteen to one ball. Amel start with tom. Who guarantee one. Thing here bruce tom before we started. But i can guarantee you. We will be tip in the same horse here. Well we'll say on guaranteeing. Oh well then you've gotta wrong by saying gee think you've gone on a view of a wyant. Tom collins his mind. Yeah well targeted. Don't well you never find out. Who do you fence. When i was at signed last time when wall beauty and some strike running listed star stakes. I thought pretty unlucky finishing second. She deserves to be favoring here. Let's she wouldn't of one. Mr she bumped into in spiral who thinks sixteen fourteen. Two thousand guineas next you finished one place had a son strike. She will confirm that form with the subway sauce. And she's the host. Beat maybe dj's with wall beauty. But i'm going to chance and each way on a horse. The i was really impressed with nobis company. Which would majestic glory took a lot of money. Prior to that racist showed dramatic improvement. From ron one to two as well from two to three similar. Kind of alcohol took money. I liked the fact that the pundits came in from justic glory ran over the new on the job. At newmarket's got causing distance for quick can clear when the rising ground came which i think is a big plus and i know she's taken a big step up to group three from novus fourteen twelve one. I think she's massively priced. She could be good enough to put up to wall. Bt but the favor is the host to be in the rice and clearly david jennings selection. It's not this race on no. I've been looking at this race all week. And i genuinely talk all week that value teary would be absolutely smashed and gough but seven to four two to one and and she's been fighting to warden and then i think i think she's really good. Unmarked johnson's record speaks for one of the two thousand fourteen and then main edition says eighteen in west end girls says nineteen. So i think it's a he always targets. What is what is kinda backed are certainly one of his bash are at jet juvenile fillies. This value teary. You generally see amac. Johnson horseback favorite first time. I don restarted Favorite first time at camden Back at the end of june lee awkward stark dead. Just ride a bit over the place. And i just taught so tonight. Eye-catching debut bites saffire. Simon Chris birds next time again whereby newmarket maiden jost everything about theory that they lot she came. She was enthusiastic. Joe find gave her squeeze kinda too and she really really picked up now. We don't know what the format tinderbox it was. second has run since anita's any song just visually sometimes kind of have to. You have to believe in what you see. An i taught that day looked really really good straight. After as chatty johnson said we're gonna go for the sweet scenario. And i would say. She's quite a bit above average Eighty four last time. I taught it looked a little bit better and she could be very good value theory. I'm still intrigued as to why you think tom collins with that one. Because i a deep respect for. Tom watched when i went through this race. During the week. I found out who was on the podcast. That is one to thomas gonna spots. And he's going to get in there ahead of me and he's gonna make his theory and gonna look like i'm just copying plagiarism. Would obviously now. Let's move on to hate to itv's four isis. The first of which is to twenty-five it's the mention bet. Bet ten pounds get twenty pound handicap. I class three over mile of fantastic folks elevenfold plummeted wide out and said i don't know i i've seen a favorite below eleven to four roll music to tea. Banh since two mirage mirages fours and then it's fourteen to one bar just to six runners. Dj you've got schwann sussed gross. No michael make a case for the top full are at 'em not much between any of them fantastic. Fox's obviously wouldn't that you demand. We'll have a bit more tougher and i didn't think it was the Finest hour last night. The just got away in Know arrived there. Extensive every chance for like box to win a decent handicapping oscar off ninety four similar. Sorta race here won't be having a bad but talks fantastic. Fox was the most likely with her. Okay will you be having a bit thomas. no not. we've gotten. It looks very happy to me on. Mirage could be the one after run at york last time. But it's a very okay. Let's see if the boys to out the four ten which brings down the tv nine rice marathon. Not full marlton off the trip. A mentioned that rose of lancaster stakes group three real world is favourite. Six to four then. It's eleven to fox's tales the disrespect for the mighty. You can glenn goes on six to one line by letting such a legend gulf six to one extra elusive Eleven stolman antarctic. an eighteenth. One barn if you not tipping h way on you can glen. You're pair of idiots. They already know so. It's just that justifies people opinions there and i taught rewarding way and grabs obviously a little bit of an unknown and it's going.

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