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Know this half hour on WTOP Marshall refunds for students at the university system of Maryland I'm Kate Ryan Friday morning it's March twenty seventh at twelve the good weather on the aids and when it breaks crashed it was northbound on the Baltimore Washington parkway before we won ninety eight laurel that is since been wrapped up and cleared all lanes have been reopened southbound parkway in good shape heading down towards about why we're son north on I ninety five as you approach and pass the exit for the harbor tunnel Thruway exit forty six worsening stands out on to the Patapsco river bridge blocking the left lane for you get by without delay there as well Somers Frank George Avenue near Spring Street stay right past the work so I'm going to tell you were part of the purple line construction and if you're up in Howard County will weigh Clarksville pike near shepherd lane alternate traffic one direction time through the project now if you're driving on the Dublin Maryland I loop approaching two fourteen Central Avenue to let fans catch bother works on other which you don't have access to the right side of the split arrived to the US Central Avenue does remain open in a loop all lanes open in that stretch also working on the Isle of the valleys reproach and pass the exit for ninety five north found in College Park exit twenty seven in there you get by the works on two lanes to right but as of late without the life rich hundred of you tip the traffic the W. T. O. V. forecast in a couple of showers early on Friday morning especially north and east of town starting in the forties to near fifty two that later on your Friday the showers come to an end clouds with some sunshine nice afternoon mid sixties to near seventy for your Friday evening maybe a passing shower with a cold front behind.

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