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Breakdown is between which factions are rewarded for their own people being loyal versus which ones are punishing other people for being disloyal unloyal non loyal. However I should phrase that for this game and status and maybe like Joffrey are kind of like to really solid examples of that in a Nedley sense right like status doesn't care about whether you love him or not. He doesn't care about you. Really it's are you loyal to the throne? Are you following the law? Are you following your host whatever? That's all he cares about. So that's very neatly that he only cares about are the opponents people non moyle. And conversely, you've got Joffrey who only cares if you're loyal to him, right he's not not only from the the Lancaster family perspective right where everyone stays oil to the family and that's all that matters and stuff but he also has that extremely narcissistic personality where he is the only thing that matters. So it's all this inward facing loyalty. So like from a Netflix sense, I think the broad strokes of that are like well done actually. Yeah I think on A. On a theme love I, think all of the Kings are successes I. Think they're all pretty very well designed cards. Excuse me. from from a deadly perspective from the perspective and I. Think the loyalty matters theme. Works particularly. When I think when it's about like whether or not you Marshall. Loyal characters. Joffrey as you mentioned, is a good example of this. Meeting moving outside the king's like a horn would. Also kind of does that, but I think it's probably it's the problem is loyalty and non loyal. Is it like consistent enough across the card pool at any point four this theme to really work in a way that is really interesting or really comes as A. Deck building cost or like interesting decling question you know like we're not like worrying about your opponent status is never really something that you really consider or you know what I mean where The opportunity cost of losing to your opponents status. Because you know the. Your important non loyal character can't stand is never really enough for you to not play a good loyal character, right? Yeah. The because the Nihilo characters were playing just always worth it right and then like if you look at bay on You know. It just ends up being that the best. Great joy characters are almost overwhelming loyal because you want those characters to be loyal because that gives the faction entity. So you're basically just rewarding players are playing their best cards. And Things Victorian who will I believe is.

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