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Welcome to the WordPress photography podcast, the podcast for photographers who wanna learn how to get the most out of WordPress to grow their photography business. You don't need to be a geek to understand WordPress. Settled back and listen as we show you how. Now, here's your host, Scott widened kipah wits. Welcome to another snap episode of the word press, photography podcast. And this I want to show you twenty nine useful were pressured us this is an infra graphic that I found up interest. But I wanted to show you some of really my favorites that I wound up using a regular basis when I'm creating new pages or create new blog content. But if you're watching the video of this episode, you will see there. I'm actually going to display and scroll through the this infographics. You can see all the different commands who after you see that many of them actually just match a Microsoft Word and Google docs, and. You know? So you if you're on a map, you could do command be for bold or command I for Italic or for an windows shipped be in off shift. I and there's also, you know, the the the copy and undo like command the or all shifts z and things like that. So there's those common word style word processor style shortcuts that you can do the keyboard shortcuts that you can do on your on your WordPress in the editor in any of the editors like the visual the tech Senator on a poster a page, and there's also something else. So you can you spell checks? You can jump right to spell check where you can actually quickly entered a link very easily. So I'm gonna show you Rick my favorite. So if you're watching the video the new actually see me do this my favorite when I'm inserting a link is I will actually right. Let's say this is a link, and then I will highlight the word and hit on a MAC command K and actually. Brings up the the the pager posts search feature. So I can search for home. And if there was a page called home, you know, just quickly show up there. But there's not. So I know that there's a new instance, there's going to be a sample page full type in sample page, and I can just click that and I can apply and now that the text is linked to the page, very quick. So I it's, you know, Unimak again command K, and I just searched for sample page, and then I just slept the page shows up in the search result and hit apply. Now, I can also hit the link options it'll bring up the actual insert link editor dialogue, and I actually open that a new Tableau fi want and done. So there are a lot of keyboard shortcuts. A lot of them are just common based on Wor processor style shortcuts that are just used to you're used to as a computer user for both windows and MAC and some of them are specific to WordPress. This link one is actually not specific to WordPress. It. Is actually one that is common within things like forums. So if you're using a forum for something and you highlighted a word in new did commit command quedo, do the same thing that will actually bring up the the link dialogue. So, you know, there's there's a lot of different things that are common and some of them, which are are not common. But you know, I'm gonna link to the info graphic if I can find that again on Pinterest. 'cause I don't know I was on my mobile phone when I founded originally, and obviously I can find it again. But if I can find it I will link to it's you can see the graphic, otherwise I will find a blog post that has all the keyboard shortcuts in that you can easily start implementing that in your blogging. You've been listening to the word press photography podcast to listen to other episodes and to subscribe to the podcast by I tuned, Stitcher. Google play and more, please. Visit image Lee dot com forward slash podcast.

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