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The Seattle sounders of the major league. Zach in each of its ten season has reached the postseason on the MLS Cup in two two thousand sixteen. And then. Don't ask me for details on this. But I'll say that they want something called the supporter shield in two thousand fourteen and the US Open Cup in nine ten eleven and fourteen regarded at least according to Wikipedia as one of the Most Valuable Franchises I think that's cross soccer. Of course drew Carey Paul Allen among the owners of the team team and they play they play right there at centurylink field there in Seattle. I remember there was a major leagues or major indoor soccer accurately the MIS. Al Team from Tacoma. That would come into play. The Cleveland Force. ooh shared a home with the Cleveland. Cavaliers there in Richfield Ohio. Just just a little stupid either but you know of course when you think of Seattle back in the day think of the King Dome I think Chuck Knox I think Dave Craig John Elway ABS. Kurt Warner Steve Large Ed you. Brian Bosworth was drafted to the team. Cortez Kennedy was a great player for the the chickens there. And you know I only see chick. It's because fans of that team refer to them as such love just said thinking back you know they. They made the playoffs a few times in the AFC west with Chuck Knox but they went through the head coaches. You know. They've they went through Tom Florez. Who else went up there? I'll it's it's killing me. It's it's GonNa be I'm going to have to look it up and come back to it and circle back to the other head coach. That didn't win anything before my own game on Mike Holmgren came came along and he had Shaun Alexander and he had a bad hassle back. I guy that he was familiar with and he did something to make it work. And you'll you've been you. You see that that being the potential model across sports teams that don't want to draft a quarterback themes that are ready to win now they don't WanNa wait for development and they don't won't have to train up for a high traffic. They'RE GONNA get a guy like that you know they're going to get a guy like kirk cousins they're gonNA get a guy like case keenum and they're gonNA they're gonNA try I to win with that type of player. Dennis Erikson that's who it was status Eric's coached right here in my backyard for a few years at Arizona State. You know you'll you'll remember him. Probably from the U. War at Oregon State. You know if you went to the University of Idaho right there odd odd next door to pullman Washington in Moscow could not Dennis Erickson has some ties up there as well but As far says being the Goja the head coach of the Seattle Seahawks Three thirds and a fifth place. Finish out of five teams in the AFC last ask so It got better with with coming over there in nineteen ninety nine. Not Too far removed from a championship with the packers in Nineteen ninety-seven just just three years. Late visit was January ninety seven. I remember that particular Super Bowl because that was That was the one that Desmond Howard won the Most Valuable Player award. And that Reggie Bush proved Reggie Bush. Reggie white prove that free agency can get you a championship in the NFL. That has rarely bans supported with a big-name signing in a super bowl happening. But you know it happened for Reggie white at it happened several years years later of course but he you know he won a championship. We're not talking about the Green Bay packers. It's just. There's a lot of roots in the Seattle seahawks that come from the Green Bay packers I would say the PD. I would say the Carol when he came up from USC In some ways that you know he really oh he. REINVENTED THE WE. I ever really gauge. What for what type of town that Seattle Watch Sam Louis? You could say. It's a baseball town with Phoenix for the longest time. I think that you would have said it's a college sports town And that you maybe the suns at one point. I'd say that the cardinals took it back plate. I'm not sure that they're going to hold onto it. This does that AC- West. You gotTa keep on winning it. Nobody is over. You know. Nobody is overwhelmed by what you what you did. Three five years ago and if see West titles are virtually handed out. Seattle got seventy nine. Once upon the time now to be fair to be completely fair I did not expect them to beat the New Orleans Saints. I did not expect. marshawn Lynch clinched breakoff arguably the greatest run of all time Hard to argue that it was the greatest postseason run of all time the football and and you're going to remember that forever Seattle. You'll remember that. Almost more than the interception at the goal line in Arizona a against the Patriots you know you'll dwell on sometimes'll dwell on If you're old enough to remember that one the title back in seventy nine maybe you don't lose in. The team is much I. I wonder if that's true. I think the the city of Seattle losing the supersonics losing the National Basketball Association to Oklahoma City city of all places when they were promised one thing and over promised under delivered that's what the NBA. That's what stern did. That's what the owners the NBA did for the Cleveland Cavaliers. But I know that Dan Gilbert being in Cleveland. We has to. We know that those those wounds were still rashes is does seven. This is a team that just draft Kevin Durant had AH Nicholas. This is a team that was about to draft Russell. WESTBROOK had reality. They gave the gave. Leave him to the Seattle. Supersonics are pardon me. The Boston Celtics River Supersonics. Good for the sake of the second and they were so fun to watch. It was so fun to watch Gary Payton and Shawn Count Back in the day. Rain Man Western Conference basketball. You you didn't care about these east. All Jordan. There are parallels to be had there it was all about Jordan but there were there obstacles. And I'M NOT GONNA make a Seattle Losing Sonics about James. They at least got the seed. Lebron and Wade Yang Ming. Dwight Howard play double check that and make sure that You know Howard. When he was with the magic actually played that one game that they played McKee corrine every year? And that's always the argument We don't have anywhere to play. We need the fans to chip in. You know it's not just the fans. It's the taxpayer. Ah She's the fans you know. You need that up in ticket prices. It's a hey look there's GonNa be a date. He percent premium on our tickets. It's so that we can pay for this arena. So that the people that enjoy it can pay for this arena and that's the big debate with publicly-funded arenas and this is ultimately the reason that the browns leave Cleveland. This is the reason that the sonics go to Oklahoma City and then their existence banishes. You'd imagine that the NBA would you seattle like they did the city of the NFL to the city of Cleveland even the NBA did the city of Cleveland by giving them number one overall picks year after year during the absence of Lebron James as Cleveland Cavalier Seattle hasn't gotten that kind of redemption. I mean they get they get it I guess with the NHL Franchise and they're gonNA learn to be van. Mason Jason Euell maybe. They are blessed with good fortune right out of the gate that was bestowed upon the Las Vegas Golden Knights or maybe the other owners are barest by the immediate successive nights. They create rules that work. Against the Seattle franchise the expansion franchise the Columbus Blue Jackets took forever with a UP playoff game series. Again you know man state of Ohio between the Cincinnati bengals Cleveland Cleveland Browns and Columbus Blue Jackets zero advancement in the playoffs. The last twenty-five almost thirty years Seattle was miserable town. I mean when you consider the buffalo just got back to the postseason so that makes Seattle that team two thousand and one was a long time ago and there's been some there's been some great moments in between. There's no denying that no. Oh you have this great soccer team. You have a great city. I liked state Washington the city of Seattle. The you know like the restaurants but you autumn Cherry picking their day to day. Life is like references to Kirk obey. But you know again. We're going back twenty five almost thirty thirty years. It seems like a cool place. It seems like the fans get into it. I would say the transplant Vance. What's it became? A Lot. More vocal sets the SEAHAWKS. Go at you playoff year. In and year out near enjoyable team theorist Chris that unbelieving as the day is long. I wish they would go back to the blue and boring gray. That was almost like that. Look just the color scheme. mm-hmm screamed seventies but the this phone green. It's just ridiculous gas figure. That's that's your of that. I I wonder if this thing with the seahawks costing for now go it'll if it becomes a culture or if it only goes as far as the legion of boom p carroll. Sometimes it's better. Let the let the past dot. You should still live on the dog pound in the cardiac kids. They have their own thing. You know the Seattle era with twelve. I get that the twelfth anymore. I heard the story when we were there. At Twenty fifteen taking a tour of centurylink field techs say he had a somewhat of a gentleman's agreement that they both use the twelfth they had that. Nm's reach border regions or whatever. Maybe it was the southeastern conference. I don't know by dow how whatever happened they. They switch from being twelfth man to being the twelve. It's one of several retired numbers for the chickens. You've got can easily number forty five Walter. Jones number seventy one who paved the way along with Steve Hutchinson for Shaun Alexander in that first super bowl. Aw Back in Super Bowl. Forty Steve. Large who became a congressman number eighty. That's retired and Cortez Kennedy number. Ninety six also retired aired by the Seattle seahawks. No shortage agree to athletes to come through Seattle by championships. Not Aplenty either mariners. Never you know you've got the you know what I read off the twenty sixteen. MLS Cup.

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