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To safeguard taxpayer money one staffer stole millions of dollars over several years they had a general fund surplus of about twenty two million dollars a decade ago now they've got a deficit of about forty three million it's quite a turnaround so there's a lot of a lot of explaining to do they've they haven't had necessarily problems with guns most of it has been financial but i mean omar bradley the former mayor was convicted of misappropriating public funds the current mayor took office trying to bring some sort of financial stability but like you mentioned they went from twenty two million dollars surplus to forty three million dollar deficit so anyone with any information i'm sure they would appreciate us telling you this should contact the bureau of alcohol tobacco firearms and explosives just in case you want to drop a dime on somebody you know has three you wanna do that yeah i know someone with three stolen weapons i'm gonna tattle well i know i shouldn't say that but i i knew that you had stolen weapons you're not the kind of guy who i'm gonna call the police on i'd be a fair i'd be afraid of you you'd be afraid of me they're not gonna know that you called on me or i'm not going to know that you called on me it could be a number of people right i show everybody my stolen often wants to open up the tattletale hotline when we come back i mentioned earlier this week during the channel four governors debate the candidates are running for governor the gavin newsom wasn't there because he had a fundraiser to go to don't hold your breath waiting for this guy to show up at any of these why would he though there's no reason for him to show up it's all downside.

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