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Is it possible to explain it. Even it can't be said. Yeah that's i mean that's the dow dj right so they're suspicious of language. They're worried about trying to get trapped in any kind of linguistic formulation. The concept itself is pretty simple. It literally means way like a road original meaning of it and it continues in classical wearing states. Classical chinese. it's still used in that literal sense but it comes to mean probably confuse. The analytics is the first time is used in this philosophical metaphysical sense It's the right way to do something and becomes the analytics almost like a metaphysical reality like the way the universe is and so this is the sense of sometimes. Heaven in the way are used interchangeably. Or they're used. As part of a compound. Ten dow the way of heaven so That's the basic meaning of way. It's a it's a it could mean can also teaching so like confucius will talk about You know my way being manifested in the world by that. He means his teaching. Okay and to the western year once again you know. I'm sort of being judgy here of brilliant people from thousands of years ago. But when i read about taoism you know there's some wisdom there clearly is very very interesting but part of me wants to say like it is just hippie back to nature stuff like what about making the world a better place. What about you know struggling against things that are bad in the world like where does that come in is that is that a valid reaction to have or might just missing something deeper in what. There's a total way ballot. Reaction to have the i think the central criticism of say he's got no story about social justice or how you help the world in his defense so if i were to defend him he would say you wanna do you wanna make the world a better place you you know support oxfam and you join this political party..

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