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Tommy Tucker twenty-five talking about what is a very controversial issue. However, it would seem as though to me being pragmatic, if we don't have anywhere else to go and Mars is not really a viable option at this point, Admiral. I would guess even though we landed the the craft there the other day, David Titley, our guest, Admiral, David Titley, Rear Admiral, professor practice at Penn. State retired navy Rear Admiral who is our friend who comes on we talk about climate change. So when it comes to I guess solving a problem and being pragmatic. Why would not everybody be on the same page and say, we'll even if there is a risk of this. We need to we need to look at it very closely because we don't have anywhere else to go in terms of planets, and why would that not include the entire world and not just the United States. Specifically, the thing you always hear Admiral is. Well, if India's doing it if China's doing it, then why should we even worry about? It. So those are those are a lot of great points. Tommy, and your your logic. There of hey, this could really be bad. You know, maybe we're not a thousand percent, sure. But we're pretty sure your logic. You used is exactly the logic that President Reagan used when he regulated the the gases came from from refrigerators back in the nineteen eighties. And he basically told people look I'm not a thousand percent convinced. But there seems to be a pretty good chance at bad things will happen less do something. So let's not take that risk. And that was the President Reagan. So your your logic. Tommy is exactly where we where we should be going. I think it's it's you know, what can we do to take small steps? I think this is becoming an issue on both sides where people kind of use it as almost a a political baseball bat to hit each over. You know, hit everybody over the head with what would be better, in my opinion is let's figure out what things we like. I think just about all of your viewers would appreciate being able to live in New Orleans without any increase threats of catastrophic flooding like we saw a little over a decade ago. I think everybody would appreciate having a robust tourism industry, a robust seafood industry. You know being able to to have the kind of life that we have on the Gulf Coast. So how do we preserve that? You know, what are the things that we can do locally and regionally and ultimately getting to the national and international park to your point about India and China. Yeah, there's a there's a real issue there. But I'll tell. You if American leadership is moving in the right direction, and with the size of our economy that really helps bring those other countries in line, and and we can be a tremendous force for good. When we decide that. That's what we're gonna do one argument that always here. Proffered in Europe. I've spoken about this before is that when it turns cold people say, where's your global warming now? And but I don't hear those same comments when you know, we have record he'd going into October in the hottest October on record. It seems as though well falls just late this year. And the president tweeted at believe after this report was released something to the effect that might have been before in advance of it about the blizzards going on in the northeastern part of the country in that were basically saying, where's your global warming? Now with record cold in the northeast, and is that a way of the president, maybe proliferate? Eating an argument, and and completing weather with climate and not quite understanding the difference as a lot of people may be don't. Yeah. I I I'll I'll take the president is a work. Let's let's all was soon. He is a very smart guy. Like, you said, if you're a very smart person, you understand that weather is day. It's sort of like, you know, if you and I were playing poker. Whether it's the hand that you have at that moment climate is the car deck from which it came and what we're seeing is nature slipping a few more races into that card decks. We're getting kinda different different hands deltas. But to the to the immediate thing, you know, I would I would have pulled the president, sir. It's late November. We tend to get snow in Pennsylvania in New York late November, which we did it was thirty six hours of cold. And and that was it so nobody, but nobody has said that as the world changes it's climate that we're never going to have a cold day. Of course, we're going to have cold days, but we're going to have more hot days. We're going to have more days that have really heavy rain, especially in the south east. We're going to have to seize coming up, and we're even gonna have things like increased risk of forest fires in the south east up on the north shore and places like that. So those are the those are the real issues not whether today is particularly warmer, particularly cold one day does not climate make Admiral Anan and hate to catch you with his live on the air. But do you have any more time? Sure. Because I know you've done this before and I can't answer any questions that people have. But I know you have and I'm getting a lot of people calling in and texting. And so we would appreciate it. If you can. Yeah. I go up to Tommy. Thank you, sir. Admiral David Titley, our guests talking about climate change to six zero one eight seventy if you wanna have you question answered eight thirty one time now, wwl first news. And for that we go to Chris Miller from our Jefferson financial Federal Credit Union studios, helping you achieve financial success. It's WWL. I news WWL news time eight thirty one. I'm Chris Miller on your official weather station. WWL AM, FM and dot com. Say goodbye to the fall weather for a little while much warmer weather. We'll greet us as we head through out the rest of the week with high temperatures in the seventy s Thursday and Friday around eighty on Saturday channel four meteorologist Dave Nussbaum. We'll be back with the pinpoint forecast is it. Okay. For the first place saints to openly discuss the goal of winning a Super Bowl w wwl's Dave Cohen tells us it has been something coaches and players seem to have avoided dill now has a few days ago, if the team is even talking about going to the Super Bowl saints coach, Sean Payton delivered. Clear. No, not at all. Only because there's there's just so much football here. He added that the saints are way way way shorter focused right now drew Brees echoed that. We're just trying to stay in the moment. So many were surprised when defensive end Cam Jordan openly said that the big game is the goal. We have symbol undermine. He said he wants to speak it into existence adding that while they want to go to the Super Bowl every week counts less than one hundred days now 'til mardi gras. How do we stand when it comes to parades? And Jefferson parish there's been all this talk about parades taking a different route. Or reversing the direction they have had down vets any word yet. My understanding from Fox News, you know, some of the crew Athens who contacted me and reached out to me. Had a really positive response. Some some of the traditional crews had some reservations Jefferson parish district for counseling dominant. Can bestow says there's been no decision yet. But it could still happen even with mardi gras around the corner. As far as crews are concerned the crew little rascals parade kicks off the season in February seventeenth ends mardi gras day. Mark v when ARGUS roles followed by two truck, parades, a former LSU students charged with negligent homicide in the hazing death of a fraternity pledge is refusing to provide prosecutors with his cell phone password twenty year old Matthew Alexander knock Hans lawyers say providing that password would violate knock cans fifth amendment rights against self-incrimination as thousands of migrants, wait at the US Mexico border. A new report on the number of undocumented immigrants. Here may surprise you. I'm Gary nam ten point seven million emigrants, according to a two thousand sixteen Pew Research report were in this country without legal status. That's the fewest since two thousand four the decline is. Due largely to a drop in the number of Mexican immigrants here without proper documentation, some were deported others returned home to be with their families census data those shows that during the same period, the number of immigrants from Central America without legal status rose to nearly one point nine million, Gary Nunn, CBS news immigrant numbers have been declining for more than a decade. A Florida man says he wants to give hang lighting, another try, even Africa's terrifying. First experience with it. Chris gerski clung to the glider will flying high over Switzerland. Because no one remember to attach his harness to the hang glider. Well, before Cas spoke with gerski, the pilot tried to land seconds.

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