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You by truecar looking to buy a car online shopping can be confusing not anymore, which we price from truecar. Now, you can know the exact show paid for the car you want and see what other people people too when you ready to buy a new or used car, visit truecar to enjoy a more confident car buying experience. It's Handel on the law from NewsRadio eight forty W H A S. This is handle on the law more vice where I tell you you have absolutely no case if you want to reach me, it's eight to handle eight to four to six three three five eighty number two H E L. Now, if you were a lawyer and actually care about clients that is our listeners who desperately need to reach you. Join our team and actually give them good legal advice and give them legal help that they need so go to handle in law dot com and go to the apply your law firm button on the left hand side, our listeners need your help. Click on the button and sign up handle on the lot dot com. Apply list. Your law firm button. Okay. I hear is. I think case and let me share it with you. There's a New York man owes money by be a B H or who's mon- by New York. And he has filed a lawsuit against apple saying that Apple's facial recognition software wrongly blamed him for stealing from apple apple stores. So someone had used a stolen Ideda pass themselves off as him and they were busted stealing twelve hundred dollars worth of merchandise from an apple store in Boston. And the ID listen is address other personal information. But did not include a photo. Okay. Identity theft. I tell you about identity theft every weekend. So Barr says apple took the perp at his word saying this is who I am. And that is BAAs identity that had been stolen and the thief said I'm bought and so apple buys it. And then the thief rips off apple New Jersey, Delaware, Manhattan, all of which boss says he was blamed for and the only reason he learned is he received a Boston municipal court summons in the mail. Saying guess what.

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