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On Indiana Sports stock on the MLB season flying by. We're about to hit the 40 game marker of this short 60 game season, and the trade deadline has just past that weren't necessarily any huge splashes. We understand why, as teams don't necessarily want to get rid of their big guys and maybe would think the market would be better in the off season will. Regardless, there was one team that stuck out and that's the San Diego Padres. They made five separate deals, the biggest of which was with the Cleveland Indians. And there is an Indiana Ah, story that goes along with it. The Padres acquired Mike Levinger starting pitcher who was thie. Big star of the deal. Greg Allen and a player to be named later in exchange going to the Indians for Cal Quantrill, Josh Naylor, whose brother already plays in the Indian system. Teacher Austin Hedges shortstop Gabriel Arias and left handed pitcher Joey Cantillo, along with shortstop Owen Miller, Well, Gabriel Aureus, Joey Cantillo and Owen Miller. All were Star players from last year's Fort Wayne 10 camps. Arias, who hit for the cycle against the South Bank, Cubs last July, Joey Cantillo would 10 strikeouts in a game. He's only a 19 year old lefty, then Owen Miller, who was a high draft pick of the Padres last year, So they all were 10 camps. They're now heading To the Indians organization. Things were really tight as well. In some races, you see the ale Central. The White Sox by just half game over the Indians and Twins fight nights and the Cubs lead in the NL Central may just be 2.5 games to the Cardinal's. I'm running King. Welcome back everybody and Bob level. This is Indiana sports talk. Brought to you by Indiana Donor network. NASCAR in Darlington. Playoffs.

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